Cape Cod [Travel]

2009 Jul 22
Hi folks just came back from Cape Cod with my wife and had a most pleasant time and thought to report back mainly on the food, which was excellent. I think cumulatively I ate 13lbs of lobster, the biggest being a five pounder and had at least 70 oysters and 50 clams…I don't think I ate meat once.

So we rented a house on the ocean on Commercial St. just outside the core of  Provincetown and used that as a base of operations for day trips. Provincetown itself is a nice town, quite colourful, and has many restaurants, and alot of them are excellent. It is also the most dog friendly place I have ever seen and has great art galleries. There are a million things to do in and around the town.

Mornings were spent walking to the The Wired Puppy on Commercial St. It's is a nice dog friendly coffee shop that roasts its own beans and has free wifi and computers. Wicked coffee.

Had lunch once at American Patio on Commercial St., which actually does have a great patio. Good for people watching and they have nice happy hour specials and cheap Wellfleet oysters. Lobster KD was a hit.

The Lobster Pot is an old school place, and the food reflects it. Basic, but well done. Nothing fancy. Good chowder.
Lorraine's on Commercial St. is a Mexican joint with a twist, definitely worth a visit.
Enzo, also on Commercial St. (see a theme here?), was absolutely fantastic. Excellent execution, fresh ingredients and very very well priced for what you get. As an example, two large (and I mean large) seared scallops under a generous slab of foie gras for 16$. Very reasonable wine list and a great patio as well.

Café Heaven is also quite good, good burger selection.

We ate-in often as well, and when we did we sourced our seafood and lobsters from Townsend on Shankpainter road. Some of the freshest seafood I have had. You could see them unloading the day's catch from the pier. Lobster market price was 4.99 or 5.99/lb depending on the day and they steam them for you on order. They also have a little lunch counter, and we had the best fish sandwich there. They also have great fried clams with bellies and a fantastic chowder.

Outside Provincetown:

Abba in Orleans is a really cool spot, Middle-Eastern/Thai fusion. Great food and something different. 
Spent a day at the beach in Wellfleet where the restaurant Beachcombers is. This place is an institution, great raw bar right on the beach and a cool music venue. Kathleen Edwards was actually playing there…

Stopped at a BBQ joint on the highway south of Wellfleet and that was good, can't remember the name.


2009 Jul 22
What better timing Daft Diner! My fiance is off to Boston for the weekend and hitting up Cape Cod en route!


2009 Jul 23
Daft-Diner - Ooooh, another one of my favourite destinations, we have been several times and have stayed / visited all over the Cape (South Yarmouth, Dennisport, Hyannis, Chatham, Wellfleet and Provincetown).

Love P-Town, it is always a "must do", even if just a day-trip if we happen to be staying way down around Hyannis. Our go-to spot there is Pepe's Wharf 371 Commercial (yes there certainly is a trend... but that is because most spots there front / back onto the ocean). Infact Pepe's Website has some great pics (for anyone longing to see what a summer day actually looks like). They make an amazing Lobster Roll (but are equally known for their Seafood Salads). I much prefer them over the Lobster Pot because although "the Pot" is a CC Institution, it just can't live up to Pepe's for Food, P-Town Atmosphere (and characters) & the views are spectacular (we love to sit on the upper deck).

Cape Cod is fantastic spot for a vacation (as is Nantucket, just across the Sound). There is just so much to see and explore, our vacation is never the same twice... be it the towns, the dunes, the bogs, the various beaches of Nantucket Sound or the Atlantic Ocean. Absolutely love it!

And well... the seafood is amazing! That is about all I eat when I am there... it's fresh and cheap (compared to here) and I just can't get enough of it.

I sooo need to get back to Cape Cod ASAP.

2009 Jul 23
Here is a photo of "the Pot" and forever busy Commercial Street that I took last summer.