Milk delivery ottawa [General]

2009 Apr 25
I am currently going through 6-8 bags of bags of milk a week. 40-50 litres with all my cooking. I hate schlepping it and it is killing my budget.

I have been googling for two days and can't find milk delivery other than the organic one.

Does anyone know of a delivery service that would like my order?

Anyone who uses Summit or a similar supplier: what do they charge for milk? I doubt I'd make the minimum order (if they have one?) but I'd like to know.

Anyone know where to get the boxes of milk (20 litres I think) that sit on the machine?

2009 Apr 25
What about Cochrane's Dairy Russell Ont?

2009 Apr 25
Yeah, Cochrane's delivers

2009 Apr 25
Olivers Rock - Wow that is an "udderly" ridiculous amount of milk.... have you thought about just getting a cow?


Ok me bad... sorry couldn't resist.

As one not in the industry (so a total clueless sort) however are you going to store all that milk if it comes in one delivery? Seems to me it would take up a lot of space. (Can't really picture the box thingy... know about the huge bags that restaurants get of cream (fills up a whole mailk crate) that they put into cream dispensers that are stand-alone refrigerated units, is that sort of what you are talking about?)

2009 Apr 25
I know that Dairyland delivers but dont know about minimums, try giving them a call.

2010 Dec 1
Sorry to dredge this up 18 months later, but I get my milk delivered by Cochrane's every week. Between the two of us we go through 6 litres a week, which is a fair enough amount. We've been lucky enough to always live in an area that is covered by a route.

Getting it in bottles has spoiled me for other milk, however. I can taste the bag or carton now.

Call Cochrane's and see if they'll deliver to your area.
I have the delivery price list in front of me now: 613.445.2959
Minimum order: $15
10% discount on orders of $50 or more.

They have regular and organic, 1%, 2%, homogenized, skim, chocolate, cream, egg nog (yum), buttermilk, Betty bread, butter, St. Albert cheese, eggs, Kettleman's bagels, spring water, all kinds of stuff if it matters.

If I were getting 50 litres of milk a week, I'd do it just so I wouldn't have to carry it all.

Apr 14
Got my regular delivery today, along with a sample of coffee. Cochrane's Dairy can now deliver Francesco's Coffee Company freshly roasted coffee. 4 styles are available in your choice of grind or whole bean:
- Mondovi (medium, fair trade) $20/lb
- Guatamala (dark) $18/lb
- Espresso $18/lb
- Tramondo (decaf) $18/lb

Call (613) 445-2959 for more info and to see if you are on a delivery route.


BTW, there doesn't seem to be any difference in taste of the milk now that we've switched from bottles to plastic jugs. So good. I had to get a litre the other day from Loblaws and I made a face after drinking some. There really is a difference.

Apr 15
I'm intrigued. I use 6-8L a week......easily. How do the prices compare to buying the bagged milk for $4?

Apr 15
Cochrane's milk delivery is awesome! Great tasting milk in bottles is worth the it for sure! And if you like chocolate milk their's is delicious.

Apr 15
$6.95 for a 4 litre bag of 1%, 2%, or skim.
$7.35 for a 4 litre bag of homogenized.
A 4 litre jug is 10 cents more.

That's from my price sheet that I have on the fridge and it has the date Feb. 2014.

Compared to the $1/litre milk you get at Mac's, it costs almost double. The taste is completely different, though. If this is important to you, I'd say look into it. If not, cheaper milk is obviously available. Try Mallwart. Get a litre of each and see for yourself if you care.

You don't get an itemized bill, just a paper slip with your order once in a while with the total owed. I leave a cheque outside in the cooler where they leave the milk. Done. Where we are now, it's always there before 7am.

Also, I don't think there is any kind of loyalty program for referring clients. Damn.

Let's see here ... what else do they deliver ...
- 1%, 2%, skim, homogenized, chocolate (all in regular or organic)
- half and half cream (regular or organic)
- whipping chream
- lemonade, fruit punch, iced tea, peach/raspberry/grape drink
- orange/apple juice
- buttermilk
- Lacteze
- Betty bread
- butter (salted or not)
- margarine
- sour cream
- cottage cheese
- local eggs (free range available)
- Astro yorurt
- St. Albert cheese (swiss, havarti, mozzarella, mild, medium, old, extra old, curds)
- Kettleman's bagels
- cream cheese
- Labrador spring water
- milk shakes

Apr 15
Sure it's pricey but the service and the milk are priceless! I would like to see them expand and offer more premium choices. Fresh baguettes? Croissants?

Apr 15
Wow thanks!!! That could really save me a lot of heavy bags back and and forth. I don't drive so I do all my groceries on double the price and better quality and convenience!?! Sounds like a deal to me.

Apr 15
Cochrane's milk is carried at the Metro on Bank St. in the Glebe (or at least was). Anyone know if that's the same price? I don't remember it being that expensive, but perhaps it was. That's getting up near organic pricing. I also don't remember it being that different tasting from regular milk. Their eggnog is good though.

Apr 16
I think milk delivery is awesome! As a kid, I remember having milk delivered to the door when we lived in the UK.

The milk 'delivery' I have now is a bit more work, but dang! It sure is fresh! ;-)

Apr 19
If it was any fresher, you'd have to slap it!

Apr 19
Hmm, I'm sure I've heard that somewhere before. ;-)