Milk delivery ottawa [General]

2009 Apr 25
I am currently going through 6-8 bags of bags of milk a week. 40-50 litres with all my cooking. I hate schlepping it and it is killing my budget.

I have been googling for two days and can't find milk delivery other than the organic one.

Does anyone know of a delivery service that would like my order?

Anyone who uses Summit or a similar supplier: what do they charge for milk? I doubt I'd make the minimum order (if they have one?) but I'd like to know.

Anyone know where to get the boxes of milk (20 litres I think) that sit on the machine?

2009 Apr 25
What about Cochrane's Dairy Russell Ont?

2009 Apr 25
Yeah, Cochrane's delivers

2009 Apr 25
Olivers Rock - Wow that is an "udderly" ridiculous amount of milk.... have you thought about just getting a cow?


Ok me bad... sorry couldn't resist.

As one not in the industry (so a total clueless sort) however are you going to store all that milk if it comes in one delivery? Seems to me it would take up a lot of space. (Can't really picture the box thingy... know about the huge bags that restaurants get of cream (fills up a whole mailk crate) that they put into cream dispensers that are stand-alone refrigerated units, is that sort of what you are talking about?)

2009 Apr 25
I know that Dairyland delivers but dont know about minimums, try giving them a call.

2010 Dec 1
Sorry to dredge this up 18 months later, but I get my milk delivered by Cochrane's every week. Between the two of us we go through 6 litres a week, which is a fair enough amount. We've been lucky enough to always live in an area that is covered by a route.

Getting it in bottles has spoiled me for other milk, however. I can taste the bag or carton now.

Call Cochrane's and see if they'll deliver to your area.
I have the delivery price list in front of me now: 613.445.2959
Minimum order: $15
10% discount on orders of $50 or more.

They have regular and organic, 1%, 2%, homogenized, skim, chocolate, cream, egg nog (yum), buttermilk, Betty bread, butter, St. Albert cheese, eggs, Kettleman's bagels, spring water, all kinds of stuff if it matters.

If I were getting 50 litres of milk a week, I'd do it just so I wouldn't have to carry it all.