Torani syrups in Ottawa [General]

2009 Jan 22
Looking for a LOCAL source for Torani syrups here in Ottawa. I would prefer to find a retailer that carries them in stock. I am often looking for different syrups for various cocktails.

2009 Jan 22
I believe I've bought them locally at Second Cup coffee places. Equator in Almonte carries Monin syrups and there are other brands available at the Made in France store in the Market.

2009 Jan 23
I have been to several of the local Second Cups, and they all seem to have very little stock. Makes it very difficult if you are looking for a specific flavour. I am currently looking for Amaretto, Ginger and Plain Sugar syrups. It would be nice to find a retailer that carries a well stocked selection. Otherwise I will just order them online and save the hassle (and carbon footprint) and driving all over town to get them.

2009 Jan 23
These guys carry Torani Syrups.

They are located right next door to C.A. Paradis C. A. Paradis.

1320 Bank Street
Ottawa, Canada
K1S 3Y4

Phone: (613) 737-9838
Phone: (613) 230-4452
Toll Free: 1-800-625-9625
Fax: (613) 736-6622

Run by two, very nice to deal with, brothers.

2009 Jan 23
Fantastic, thanks! Will be there in an hour :)

2009 Jan 27
A quick followup.

For those looking for Torani Syrups, Morala carries the entire line in stock. So if you are looking for any of the flavours, they have em. They also carry several other brands in stock, their selection is quite impressive.

I was also able to pick up a backflush disk and cleaner for my Rancilio espresso machine as well!

2009 Jan 27
Very nice! Did you notice if they had any of the sugar-free varieties? (from my experience, these are the hardest to come by).

2009 Jan 27
HUH ???

Sugar-Free Sugar Syrups ???

Isn't that like saying beef-free roast beef ?

Yeeesh !!

2009 Jan 27
Hahahaha! I had the same thought as you captain. But there are of course sugar-free "sugars" such as splenda, and whatever that crap is in diet drinks. The name escapes me right now....

2009 Jan 27
I think your thinking of Aspertame.

Does anyone remember Sacchrin (and it causing cancer in Canadian rats) ?

2009 Jan 28
Captain C - The only words in the English language that make less sense than "sugar-free" and "fat free" are ALCOHOL FREE... give me a break... If I wanted a drink without the kick I would have ordered GingerALE or RootBEER.

As for the case to be made for sugar-free products, I'm old enough to remember them all... and I don't trust a one... (the blue packets, the pink packets, the yellow packets, the tablets, the liquids). I think overtime they all have proved to be carnsonagenic to humans (forget the rats).

2017 Dec 8
Bobby the Coffee Guy on Hazeldean in Kanata carries a great selection of Torani Syrups, Maybe not all 150 of them, but he has quite a few.

2017 Dec 9
Thanks Bobby!

2017 Dec 9
Have you checked any of the Nicastros?

2017 Dec 20
Personal Service Coffee on Hazeldean has a lot.

2017 Dec 20
I've seen them at Second Cup.

2017 Dec 22
Morala still has a wall of them, along with Sweetbird. Personal Coffee across from the Shenkman Centre in Orleans used to carry a lot, but I understand may be phasing them out. If you are not stuck on Torani, Marshalls and Winners usually have other brands, often Splenda sweetened - Skinny Syrups, Sebastiano's - for about half the price. Skinny Syrups in particular seems to make cocktail-specific syrups, and even packages smaller bottles in 3s for that purpose.

2017 Dec 22
"Skinny Syrups in particular seems to make cocktail-specific syrups, and even packages smaller bottles in 3s for that purpose."

Hmm, no wonder the smaller sizes. That clears things up.