Basler Lackerli [General]

2009 Jan 15
I was lovingly gifted a kilo of this yummy Swiss cookie over Christmas. I really can't get through the whole bag. Would anyone who is craving some lackerli like half a dozen or so? I can't think of a better group of people to share with!

2009 Jan 15
Mmmmm. Laeckerli. SweetTooth, you're too kind!I would love some! (You could also just leave it out at the Candy Store, even though you don't sell them?)

Speaking of which, I really need more malt balls soon! I will be by to visit!

2009 Jan 15
I've never tried them, but if lady who brunches recommends them, the I'd be honored to have some! You really know how to make friends here ;-) Send me a message (done through 'my profile') with details!

2009 Jan 15
Nice gift, SweetTooth! I'm always craving Läckerli -- if I lived in the Candy Store neighbourhood I'd be all over your generous offer.

My mom makes Basler-Läckerli every Christmas (along with a dozen or so other Swiss cookies) and always sends us some. For those who are new to these treats, I can best describe them as a very chewy honey gingerbread kind of cookie. They contain nuts (almonds) and sometimes contain candied fruit peel. Most awesome if you like the typical German aromatic cinnamony nutty sort of flavours.

2009 Jan 16
"what shall we do with these leftovers?"

"feed it to those human garbage disposals over at"


2009 Jan 17
Ha ha, "human garbage disposals" is a good title for me, I don't know about you foodies. I'm just happy to share the cookies and keep them off my waistline!

2009 Jan 17
Sweet Tooth, they were enjoyed by all last night at the movies! Let me know if you want the container back :)

2009 Jan 19
Nah, keep the container. We're moving to glass, so I'm happy to part with them!
Glad you liked 'em!

2009 Jan 20
Hmmm hmmm hmmm... I'm just imagining a jingle, that an American company might make for the most excellent confections I've just received from Sweet Tooth, that go by the name Basler-Läckerli. I even shared one with my boss (who is Swiss) and he got this very nostalgic look on his face, and asked where I found them. I started to tell him the story of this girl I met on the Internet, but I don't think he believed me ;-) Thanks Sweet Tooth.