Red Velvet Cake [Recipes]

2008 Nov 13

I've seen many recipes for Red Velvet Cake online but they all differ and I'd really like a tried, tested, true recipe that includes the use of beets (or beet juice) instead of red food colouring, to give it its beautiful rich red colour.

Also, most recipes call for cream cheese frosting, but it's my understanding that traditionally it is paired with "roux" frosting using milk flour and butter?

After doing some research I've run across mixed reviews of this cake. Some say this Southern favourite is bland and pointless. Some say it's appreciated for its tangy flavour and nostalgic feel.

Personally I just think I looks pretty and will be a beautiful addition to our Xmas Eve buffet table. I just hope it's tasty too!

I'd appreciate any input on Red Velvet Cake.

2008 Nov 13
NYT did something on red velvet cake a while ago. i have had various red velvet cakes and i don't know what the big deal is. it is just cake, with a lot of food dye. the icing has always been cream cheese that i have tried too.

i haven't made it, but my go-to blog for trying new recipes is smitten kitchen and she had a recipe adapted from the NYT recipe.

2008 Nov 13
Just a thought, if you run out of time The Cake Shop is the only store in town that I know of who make Red Velvet cake, BTW they are also nut free.

I tried the beetroot option a few years ago, tried grating the raw beets , then I tried juicing them and boilng down the juice to almost a syrup but alas my time and ingredients were a total mess.
The first option made a heavy soggy cake and the second made a strange hot pink cake that tasted even less like beets.

So I just went out and bought one. My family liked it, but never requested it again.

2008 Nov 14
I've decided totally against the Red Velvet Cake. It holds no traditional meaning for me, and I'm really uneasy about the amount of food colouring in it.

I'm going to make a Bacardi Rum Cake instead. Seems a lot easier and way more delicious!

Thanks both of you for your input :)

2008 Nov 14
Bacardi Rum Cake is way more fun anyway :)