Where to get Almond Croissant




2015 Feb 16
FF...you are bang on and actually quite lenient in your comments!!! I thought I was just unlucky with my past three experiences with their almond croissants. Recently they have not only been over baked and dry but they have also been noticeably smaller and extremely sparse in the filling department.

Don't know what happened but I hope they can fix this as I miss them dearly...I used to love going in and picking up six of these delicious creations.

2015 Feb 16
The last few almond croissants we've had from Art-is-in have been overbaked and dry. This was both in the shop and at the Farmers Market. The pastries in general seem to have suffered. Perhaps the focus has shifted to hot meals or they are simply suffering the effects of high demand and having to prepare foods well in advance of sales.

2011 Oct 30
Wifey wanted to try this and we both loved it! Crusted with toasted almond slices, this is a great croissant. The filling is relatively dense and not super flavourful but we found it to be satisfying and nice. This is an excellent way to turn your morning coffee into a Western European breakfast.

2011 Mar 24
Stopped in this morning for an almond croissant and some macarons on my way to school. Yes, I did have half a croissant and half a macaron for breakfast. (Shame).

While I've never had a bad experience with their almond brioche, nor with their regular croissant, the almond croissant was a strange breed of crispy and caramelized on the outside, and very wet on the inside. I suspect the 'wet' was due to a thick amount of the almond paste, but to be honest it didn't taste much like almonds, more just of a general oil. I wanted to like it as much as I loved both the brioche and the regular croissant, but I couldn't.

In the meantime, I have quite the sugar headache. Oatmeal for me tomorrow.


2015 Aug 6
Interesting variation on the almond croissant here: They're flat. Apparently it's more authentic that way. Tasty if a bit light on filling.