Ice Cream Pie at Edgar
Where to get Ice Cream Pie

2011 Oct 12
Sorry I don't work for the Cake Shop!!
Maybe I should changer my name to Cake lover instead!!
How you come about this is news to me!! Since I am 76 years old and a pensioner I don't work , I just eat good food and in particularly like nice desserts.

2011 Oct 11
I don't know what they're planning for Christmas, cakelady, but since you obviously work there, maybe you could tell us?

2011 Oct 11
We bought a Pumpkin spice ice cream pie for our Thanksgiving dessert and Wow! It was great..
We could have bought 2 as my family gobbled it up.
At $14.00 it was very reasonable. I hope they keep making ice cream pies. wonder what they will come up with for Christmas.?


2011 Nov 12
a couple months back in the summer. Homemade with love and smiles by Marysol,Methinks it was raspberyy - and ??, but flavours lingering.
btw. Innovative new open hours ;-)