Hi, I am looking for a place in Ottawa that sells robusta coffee beans (as opposed to arabica). Any ideas where I might be able to find them? Thanks! :)

Where to get Robusta Coffee Beans


2012 Sep 26
Lavazza coffee uses a robusta and arabica blend to different proportions depending on the label you buy. i.e. rosso will have a certain amount, crema e gusto, crema e aroma, and the gold label are all different blends. I am not sure but one of them may be all robusta... worth looking into as it is reasonably priced in the supermarket.

2012 Feb 17
Our Ottawa coffee business, Shanti Coffee has green Robusta beans in stock but we can also roast them according your preferences. Please visit www.shanticoffee.ca and feel free to contact us via the website. They're not listed but we use them to create blends for our customers.


2011 Mar 28
Green or Roasted Robusta? Green can be purchased from The GreenBeanery.com