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Swiss herbal vinegar

Where to get Kressi Essig


2010 Aug 13
It maybe obvious but the Contental / Adams may have it as well or online at:


2010 Aug 13
Would also suggest German Town Deli; they have more German and Swiss products than one might think.

2010 Aug 13
Google tells me that it is available in Montreal too: www.montrealgazette.com

In Ottawa, the two places most likely to have it are Swiss Pastries and European Delicatessen. Please let us know if you find it!

2010 Aug 13
This is a superb Swiss herbal vinegar -- I can get it in Toronto but is there any here in Ottawa? Kathleen Walker (formerly of the Citizen) where are you when we really need you?

If I don't get a new supply, our family traditions will be forever diminished. This makes the best salad dressing in the world.