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Fried cubes of tofu with an incredible sauce.

Agedashi Tofu at Izakaya Shingen
Where to get Agedashi Tofu


2011 Feb 13
Totoya also has a great agedashi tofu dish - very traditional!

2010 Feb 10
The akedashi tofu is my favourite appetizer, although it's hard to pick one. The tofu is fried and melts in your mouth served in a delicious sauce. This restaurant probably has the best sushi in Ottawa, largely due to the fact that the owner is one of the very few chefs trained in Japan.

2018 Apr 19
The tofu was nicely fried with a thin layer of batter. I wasnt sure why it was in a soup. The others Agedashi Tofu I have had in Vancouver were in a thin layer of soy sauce. Still very good.