Ready to Cook Soup Mixes at T&T Supermarket
Where to get Ready to Cook Soup Mixes


2009 Nov 20
Actually, intercostal beef in those shrink wrapped packages is readily available at Loblaws Superstore on Richmond Road.

My better half's mom has bought them from the Loblaws Superstore in Kanata.

Loblaws has been advertising these in their Asian fliers since the last Chinese New Year.

Only, when T&T opened, they cost less than what Loblaws Superstore usually sells them for, normally $2.99/lb. I picked up two packages for the freezer.

I use them to make great pots of stew, both Asian and European.

2009 Nov 2
I picked up two of their Ready-to-Cook soup packages ($6.99 each).

One package is "Arrow Root pork bones soup" containing pork bones, arrow root pieces, red beans, date, honey date. I boiled a pot of hot water and put the pork bones in it for about 1 minute (to get rid of the blood from the bones). After throwing away the boiled water, I boiled another pot of water and put all the ingredients into the boiled water. Let is simmer on heat for at least 2 hours. If the meat falls off from the pork bones, it is done and the broth should taste very sweet and delicious. (Note that if the soup is not simmered long enough, the soup will be tasteless.) I put about 2 ml of sea salt into the soup when it is done.

Another package is for "Pork with Turnip & Carrot Soup". This will be my tomorrow's soup since I still have some leftover soup from yesterday.

This kind of "ready-to-cook" soup package provides convenience and time-savings to moms. At least I don't need to cut up all the ingredients.

Note: When we eat soup for our daily dinner, we normally throw away the ingredients and only drink the broth. There will be oil on top of the broth and I use a special container that can filter the grease on top.

Update (Nov. 14): The price tag has been increased to $7.99 per package. For this price, I won't buy it any more since I can buy the material separately and it's more economical.