Cakes & Pastries at T&T Supermarket
Cakes & Pastries at T&T Supermarket
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2009 Oct 26
Costco's Mango Mousse Cake is not bad and the price is very good too. However, I do suggest the kitchen to reduce the sugar level though.


2010 Jun 30
Huge variety of baked goods. There are so many different things that I have yet to sample them all in several trips to the store. The mousse cakes, red bean cakes, and the steamed cakes are frequent purchases of mine, and my family is addicted to the egg tarts. I like that many of the items in this section of T&T have a subtle sweetness, compared to many other supermarkets that use lots of sugary icing and whipped cream with sugar, and sugar coated sugar with chocolate and sprinkles. The latter: not so good for you, and hurts my teeth personally, so three cheers for T&T!

I love that T&T has many excellent egg bread goods as it is hard to find this kind of bread in other chain supermarkets. If they had egg bagels there sometime it would make my week. They sometimes have ensa´mada with a bit of cheese which is delicious warmed in the microwave -- however I haven't seen it lately and recently the ones I found were stale.

The cakes you see behind the glass are light and fluffy. The whipped cream icing is not overly sweet like other supermarket cakes and tastes like real whipping cream. If you want something different try the taro cake.

Some of the cookies you find in the area may not taste very good to westerners that are used to the overly sweet brands we have here. One package of T&T cookies was so very bland to me (sawdust texture) that an Asian friend offered to take them off my hands. She then promptly devoured them so they probably aren't bad if you have the acquired taste.

Overall very good, very impressive selection.

Be aware that some of their baked goods, especially those which were open to the air in the store at some point, can have the same fishy aroma to them that the store tends to emanate. Bread absorbs the air around it! The aroma ranges from "hey it smells like T&T" to unpleasantly interfering with the taste. Right now I have a whole package of red bean cakes I cant eat because the smell is so bad it's more like fish cakes. Previously I had a package of cream puffs that I couldn't eat for the same reason. YMMV, in fact this might not even bother you (my family eats it anyway), but it bothers me.

2009 Dec 5
I found an odd cake that I just HAD to try here and I think I am hooked now. I was a swiss roll style cake, white cake and a creamy filling. But it also had dried pork and green onion! The combination is strange at first but quickly grew on me! Last time I was there they didn't have any but I hope it comes back.

The pear or teardrop shaped almond cake is also AMAZING!

2009 Nov 3
I took this photo before their staff told me that camera is not allowed. (So this is the last photo inside T&T). All packaged cookies and rolls can be found in the aisle across the Fresh Cake section.

2009 Nov 2
This is the Mango Cake that we bought for $3.49 (special price for the week and don't know what the regular price is). The cake has disappeared from our kitchen already.