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Soft, airy purple tea cake in loaf form made from ube - purple yam. Ube layer cake is popular in the Philippines and is generally made with macapuno - young coconut shreds.

Ube Cake at Reette's Foods
Where to get Ube Cake

2009 Jun 3
Lady Who Brunches - Glad to be of help.

General rule of thumb... when in doubt about a site feature you can check the HELP PAGE (a ton of info, and sadly probably the least read page on this entire Website), or do a SEARCH, in this case "desperately seeking" would have brought up a bunch of stuff including two topics that refer to how things work on the site as well as a cute topic from the early days entitled Desperately Seeking Spaghetti?.

And you are right, how everything ties together is very "smart" indeed, but then again we have a genius for a Webmaster ;-)

*Speaking of which... When FF Approves / Cleans Up this NEW Food Page, I'm thinking these comments will most likely end up as a Forum Topic.

2009 Jun 3
Thanks for the clarification! I was able to find it in the help section, but only after you mentioned how the foods and vendors link. Pretty smart!

2009 Jun 3

Lady Who Brunches - Whenever a "NEW" Food Entry is created it automatically goes to the Desperately Seeking Category until such time as it is linked with an Ottawa Foodies Vendor... as in "Where can I find this locally".

Anyone can create a NEW Food entry, and many are created solely because they are a "curiosity" or a "favourite" food of someone (hence you can add it to your Favourites List on your OF Profile Page). Such is the case of Ice Wine, until a "local" Ottawa Valley Winery making ice wine is found, it will remain on the Desperately Seeking list, or until such time as it is linked with an Ottawa Vendor who perhaps has Ice Wine on it's after-dinner drink list.

This is why there are sometimes food items that appear on the Desperately Seeking List that never seem to leave (for example Captain Capers famous entry for Khat). Until a local Ottawa Vendor is linked they are there by default.

So although the OF Page for Ube Cake ( Ube Cake ) states in the description that it is available here in Ottawa, it has not as of yet been linked up with Reette's Foods OF Page ( Reette's Foods ).

Also, you'll notice the OF Page for Ube Cake is still listed as NEW and "Unapproved"... so the Page is yet to be cleared by Fresh Foodie - when he does so, he will most likely remove the reference to Reette's in the description because the opening paragraph is only meant to describe the food item, not where to find it.

*NB - In the case of Ice Wine, it of course is available at the LCBO (year-round) but the LCBO does not have an OF Page (neither does The Beer Store)... not sure why they do not, other than the fact that we all know what they sell. ;-)

2009 Jun 3
I'm a bit confused as to why this is under "desperately seeking", rather than just added as a new food...Where to find has been stated in the description.

Am I missing something?

2009 Jun 1
A picture of the tasty packaged ube cakes.