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Hong Kong-style French Toast is made by deep frying stacked sliced bread dipped in beaten egg or soy. An optional (sweet or savoury) filling may be present. Hong Kong-style French Toast is usually served with butter and topped with golden syrup, honey, or sweetened condensed milk.

Hong Kong-Style French Toast at Cafe Orient
Hong Kong-Style French Toast
Where to get Hong Kong-Style French Toast

2009 Apr 23
this is something I should remember
I'll check with the fambily

2009 Apr 9
I tried it at Stanley Market in Stanley Bay in Hong Kong in 2007, but I was recently reading some blog posts about it and I had a craving! (The photo is my own.)

My one stipulation is that it be stuffed with Kaya --not Peanut Butter. (I saw this article about HK cafes near Toronto, but the author seems to imply they all use Peanut Butter instead of Kaya.)

2009 Apr 9
A friend of mine has a recipe for it. Except that hers are made with waffle-like bread.


2012 Mar 7
I had read about Hong Kong-style french toast and knew that I had to order it. In my mind, the only way to make french toast is with challah and to serve it with maple syrup. This version was rather different. It looks like a sandwich of (for lack of better term) sandwich bread, lightly deep fried and served with a bit of condensed milk. By itself, it is a bit bland, but thankfully it comes with a bottle of what I'm told is golden syrup and boy did that make a difference (golden syrup can best be characterised as a diabetic's worst nightmare).

2010 Dec 22
(this is the same as what i left in the general section)

HK-style french toast is not how you know western-style. this one is a scrambled egg sandwich that is deep-fried in peanut oil, that you smother with butter and syrup. it's a little different than the traditional style (peanut butter/condensed milk in the middle, soaked in egg and shallow fried) but it's just as guilt-ridden and delicious nonetheless.

i like it with the scrambled egg in the middle, it makes the middle "creamy" but without more sugar. they also give you 4 slices of bread (so 2 sandwiches), so make sure you have AT LEAST 1 person to share it with! i'll try to remember taking a photo next time.

oh! also it's 3.25$ or something? BEAT THAT!