So many variations in world cuisine... Quebecois Baked Beans (maple syrup), Boston Baked Beans, New England Baked Beans, American Baked Beans (Cowboy Beans), Southern Baked Beans (Soul Food), British Baked Beans (tomato sauce), Mexican (black beans), French Baked Bean Casserole (Cassoulet), Eastern European Baked Beans.

Baked Beans at LeRoy's
Where to get Baked Beans


2009 Aug 26
Unfortunately I did feel the beans tasted like they were from a can with something sweet added to them. They were good, but nothing special.

2009 Apr 8
Others here have commented they think that the beans are out of a can, I can tell you these taste nothing like Clarks, Heinz, Libby or any other commercial prep... these are what I know as “jazzed up” baked beans. That is when you take beans and add in a whole bunch of extras… the taste was sweet and rich so I was guessing either molasses or brown sugar was in the mix, along with bits of onion, green pepper, maybe some celery, bbq sauce, mustard and seasonings…. hard to tell, and I’m guessing the owners aren’t giving away their recipe.

“The Man” liked them so much… he wasn’t sharing!