Molecular gastronomy is a scientific discipline involving the study of physical and chemical processes that occur in cooking. It pertains to the mechanisms behind the transformation of ingredients in cooking and the social, artistic and technical components of culinary and gastronomic phenomena in general (from a scientific point of view).

Molecular Gastronomy
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2009 Feb 9
This is (as his site always is) a really good read;

"...not just something that's trendy, but a logical progression of chefs and cooks tinkering and accepting new ingredients and techniques."
Photo: Caramel powder. Yum!

Atelier 1


2010 Jul 23
I am beyond picky. I am not adventerous, I don't eat vegetables and I even have a hard time with rare meat, Hence the name. Picky_Me

My wife Twosips is the foodie in our team. The opportunity for us to go to Atelier has come up twice and on this second occassion I just couldn't pass it up.

I can't share my experience in a review cause I don't write that well, but I went last night and was amazed at the stuff they come up with.

I loved everything about it (except maybe the pea soup) and can't wait to go back! My favorite dish last night was a toss between, the steak, lamb, or Tuna..

Wanted to say thanks for the photo's posted on here. I will enjoy showing them to my friends when I relate my experience. I tried taking photo's with my blackberry but the quality (without a flash) is just sad.