Consists of a Pork Tenderloin wrapped in a couple of Boneless Chicken Breasts and tied together in the shape of a Roast.

Where to get California Roast


2009 May 16
A great main course for anyone - easy to cook, tastes great and very afforable. We usually get at least two meals from one California Roast...and it makes great chicken salad when you have leftovers.

2008 Oct 27
Pete & Gus make great California Roasts. They are all pretty the same size (just under 2 Kgs). But if you are a couple, or a small family they will gladly cut it in two for you... though you still have to buy the whole roast.

The half-roasts work out pretty good for us, gives us a perfect amount for a nice Sunday Dinner together, and a wee bit of leftovers that are perfect for sandwiches the next day.

The one thing I would suggest however, is that if you do get them to cut a roast in half for you, request that they add a bit more butcher twine to hold the smaller roasts together.

The California Roasts are very tasty, and easy to cook, just pop it in a 350 F oven for 90 minutes (about 60 minutes if you are doing a half-roast). A nice change from the standard Roast Beef, Pork or Whole Chicken.