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Glutinous rice is the main rice eaten in Laos. "Kao" means rice, and "Neaw" means sticky. It is cooked by soaking for several hours and then steaming in a bamboo pot. After that, it should be turned out on a clean surface and kneaded with a wooden paddle: this results in rice balls that will stick to themselves but not to fingers. The large rice ball is kept in a small basket made of bamboo. The rice is sticky but dry, rather than wet and gummy like non-glutinous varieties. The fingers of the right hand are used to eat it by wadding the rice.

Kao Neaw
Where to get Kao Neaw

2008 Dec 13
kao neaw can be found at any Thai restaurant usually addressed as sticky rice
I used to work at Hot Peppers and Rhoongnapa makes great sticky rice

if you want it in the raw form, Chinatown would be a great source. I get mine at Manphong. Labeled as glutinous rice. On the Eastside, try Uni Mart on Montreal Rd.

2008 Jun 11
.............Kao Neaw in a bamboo basket