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The most popular salad of Laos is the Green Papaya salad. On the first bite, your tongue should taste extreme heat, salt, and sour all at once. The taste is invigorating!

1 medium dark green papaya
4 garlic cloves (kratiem)
6 green Thai chilies (prik khee noo)
2 tomatoes, (cherry tomatoes best use) cut into wedges
1/2 cup chopped green beans, in 1-in (2.5-cm) pieces
1 tsp anchovy sauce / Thai sweet crab can be use
1 tbsp fish sauce or to taste
1/4 cup (2 fl oz/60 ml) lime juice or tamarind juice (ma-kaam piag)
2 tablespoon of sugar

1. Peel the papaya and rinse with running water to remove the acid. Remove the seeds and shred the papaya with a grater. Set aside.

2. Place the garlic cloves and the chilies in a mortar and mash with a pestle until crushed into chunks. Place the papaya and the remaining ingredients in the mortar and gently combine all ingredients by mixing with the pestle and a spoon. Serve cold.

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2008 Jun 11


2015 May 6
Green Papaya salad (gỏi đu đủ) was refreshing and sweet -- a perfect way to start the meal. I like the dressing to be a little more pronounced, but for $5.95 I'm not complaining!

2012 Dec 28
I had the honour of lunching here with a friend who was born and raised in Vietnam. Apparently, my pronunciation of dishes in Vietnamese needs a lot of work! :-)

We started with the mild but minty-fresh Green Papaya Salad with Vietnamese Beef Jerky. Paper-thin julienned strips of cured beef adorned a haystack of green papaya and shredded mint leaves. Chopped peanuts added richness and crunch, while a side bowl of nuoc cham added saltiness and umami complexity. Highly addictive!

2013 Jan 6
We ordered a green papaya salad. It came loaded with peanuts and shrimp. The shrimp were steamed to perfection and were melt in your mouth delicious. The salad had just the right amount of heat.