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A butter tart is a type of pastry best known as a Canadian treat.

Butter Tarts at Franks Baked Goods and Catering
Butter Tarts at Franks Baked Goods and Catering
Where to get Butter Tarts

Jun 16
We have tried the butter tarts from the Piggy Market and our experience was different. There was hardly any filling and the crust was just okay. Maybe the baker was having a bad day.

Jun 16
@Rizak Try the butter tarts from The Piggy Market. Lots of soft filling and the pastry is delicious. They are available typically in the afternoon. Many times they are still warm when I pick up my order late afternoon.

Jun 13
80% crust, and barely any filling. These are a far cry from "Ottawa's Best Butter Tarts". The crust is not terrible, but has no taste at all. As you can see, there is barely any filling to give it flavour.
If this is what they use for promotion, I hesitate to try anything else in the shop.

2017 Aug 15
The bold claim of being the best butter tarts in Ottawa is not deserved. Good enough filling but a flavourless crust. Not even close to the butter tarts you get at Three Tarts.



2010 Jun 5
Had butter tarts from 3 Tarts on Wellington today for the first time: Excellent version: Light, flaky, almost sandy butter crust, with perfectly gooey maple-y filling with just the right number of raisins. My only criticism would be that I like the crust to be saltier to cut some of the sweetness of the filling--I recognize this may be an unusual preference, so I can't fault the vendor.

2015 Jul 19
I tried the famous sticky (cinnamon) buns from here and they were really quite good. The sticky part is almost toffee-like in consistency. I also picked up some butter tarts: pecan butter tarts and maple butter tarts. Both were of excellent quality, but the maple ones stood out for me. I'll make a point of picking some up whenever I pass through Pakenham!

2015 Aug 6
My favorite butter tarts. Perfectly soft filling without dribbling all over. Multiple kinds including a peanut butter, banana, and bacon.