Green Onion Bread at Brother Wu
Green Onion Bread
Where to get Green Onion Bread

2007 Dec 13
Very authentic... been to PRC (Peoples Republic of China) (or ... for us westerners -> mainland China) in 1985.

It was sooooo like this, served with an entire and whole, deep fried chicken)


2008 Aug 29
Their version of green onion pancake was ok. To do it right, the pancake is supposed to be layered. Green onions are spread between each layer with sesame seeds. The chef has skipped this step.

Every time I eat green onion pancake, I remember the one I ate at my sister's house in Toronto. My dad (a Shanghainese) taught my brother-in-law to make the real green onion pancake from scratch (i.e., from making the dough to rolling the dough to pan fry). My brother-in-law made the green onion pancake for every one as a snack (we were doing Karaoke). On the first bite, my big brother almost wanted to hug my brother-in-law for making such a good green onion pancake. My big brother said "I haven't eaten such a good green onion pancake for the last 20 years. It tasted so delicious."