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2010 May 11
My cottage is within an easy drive to Picton. I will definitely try the Panzerotti there. In the meantime, maybe I will try making some.

2010 May 11
Tony's is pretty darn amazing. I grew up eating their panzerottis.

Here's the thing though...panzerotti isn't that hard to make at home, if you've ever made pizza.

2010 May 11
Bah, it's sad these aren't available here. I will need to try Tony's next time I am in the area. I've had Stacey's in St. Mary's and it is amazing. The closest place I know of to get these is in Picton at Prince Edward Pizza. There has got to be one closer. If anyone knows, please chime in. Check out this thread.

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2010 May 10
Hi everyone. I am just new to the forum. I was wondering if anyone has ever tried the Panzerotti from Tony's Restaurant in London, Ontario. In my family, it is the gold standard. The ingredients are all fresh and made in house daily. The dough is fried to a puffy perfection. The cheese is thick, hearty and plentiful. You can have a deluxe or a simple pepperoni. The tangy tomato sauce is always served on the side. A large is the size of a regular football. I believe eating an entire large at one sitting could result in emergency intestinal surgery!
Despite having lived in Ottawa since 1983 I have never been able to find an equivalent panzerotti...and believe me, I have looked.



2008 Nov 15
I prefer baked panzerotti's over fried ones...not sure if it's baked that makes it a calzone. Tried the margarita one and it was just okay. Nothing special and definitely smaller than most I have seen at other establishments, therefore overpriced for the product.
Would not have it again.

2007 Dec 5
My boyfriend and I had a craving, so we went across the street for panzerotti's. The good definitely outweighed the bad here... The good - tasty, relatively light and flavourful panzerotti's. The bad - they are too small! My experience with panzerotti's is that they are about half the size of a small pizza, not a little larger than my palm! Also, I don't like that they don't let you choose your ingredients, I can't see how that would be difficult to implement! But I liked the taste, and they were cheap... so I'll be back!

2007 Aug 26
If you have read any of my other comments you will probabley notice I have a bit of an obbession with cheese. The margarita panzerotti from here is 'it'.
I call it a cheese injection, so good.
Tried to convince them that they should make panzerotti dough, dough nuts. The dough is so sweet and tossed in sugar would be amazing. They won't go for it though. If it sounds good to you let them know so maybe I can have a greasy dessert after my cheese injection soon!!!

2007 Jun 2
Mmmm...I love the herbed crust panzerotti. We used to live in Sandy Hill and ate there all the time. We went back about a month ago and its still great, but they don't put the sauce inside the panzerotti anymore. They gave it to us on the side. Like I said, still good, but I kind of missed the having the sauce inside. I highly recommend the Hawaiian with herbed crust. I've never been able to find another place that does panzerotti like them.

Their pizza is really good. I recommend the vegetarian with a thin herbed crust.

I would skip the fries, gravy and salad.

2007 May 30
Just finished eating the panzerotti from here...hmmm...dough folded over your choice of toppings, then deepfried. Surprisingly, it wasn't greasy like you would think it would be but I much prefer the pizza from here. Not bad, but not great.

I got the Vegetarian and bf got The Greek. We both said this will be the last time!
What I do like about Pavarazzi's is the choice of crust...regular, whole wheat, or herbed. And, you can get thin crust, too (for pizzas).

We got it delivered and it didn't take more than 30 min. We also got the platters, which come with either garden salad, caesar salad, fries, or spicy fries. Salad...don't bother. I could've done better throwing what was left in the fridge together :(

2013 Oct 14
The key to ordering the Panzerotti from Salito's is to always order it with the herb/"whole wheat" crust. It's well packed with filling, in this case pepperoni and cheese. I think it's deep fried, but if I am ordering a bread pocket filled with meat and cheese I am not too worried about it's method of cooking.

You get a marinara dipping sauce with it, but I always ask for a garlic dipping sauce, because I have an aversion to marinara dipping sauce.

2018 May 2
I happened to notice the Metro on Beechwood sold Panzerotti, they have a dedicated fresh made pizza area, and the Panzerotti they made looked very good.

2018 Apr 27
Sort of sad that I'm still looking to Pizza Pizza for an occasional large Panzerotti fix, for lack of almost any other option, but here we are. The garlic dip should be bolognese for starters. But overall it was decent. Big, freshly made (unlike Pavarazzi premade), fresh oil, proper crispiness and good bread/fillings ratio, only $9 including dip and tax for a pepperoni and olive. Easy ordering on mobile web without app or account. Still if anyone knows other local vendors of this treat please inform!