Salad Dressing at Farm Boy
Where to get Salad Dressing

2008 Mar 12
Sourberry: the Hillside location carries the jar size of creamy garlic dressing in the cooler by the deli. Sometimes they have it in the plastic containers where they keep the fresh made salads. If they is no jars, just ask they kitchen staff, they'll scoop some up for you, since it's the same dressing they put in the plastic containers.


2007 May 24
Hey! I like their Mango Poppyseed too! It pairs beautifully with my spinach, avocado, nectarine, and blue cheese salad.

2007 May 24
The lemon garlic one is my favourite.

2007 May 24
I like their Mango Poppyseed vinaigrette a lot

2007 May 24
I'm new to Ottawa and new to Farm Boy...can anyone suggest a nice salad dressing...I see Farm Boy has a huge variety but any suggestions would be great.


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