Salad Dressing at Farm Boy
Where to get Salad Dressing

2008 Mar 12
Sourberry: the Hillside location carries the jar size of creamy garlic dressing in the cooler by the deli. Sometimes they have it in the plastic containers where they keep the fresh made salads. If they is no jars, just ask they kitchen staff, they'll scoop some up for you, since it's the same dressing they put in the plastic containers.


2008 Jun 5
I can confirm that the jars of Steakhouse Garlic Dressing are regularly available at the Farm Boy Merivale Road location.

It's tucked away from the other dressings in the cooler right above the eggs. Delicious!

2008 Apr 30
We picked up the Tomato and Vidalia Onion Salad Dressing a couple of weeks ago and tried it when the in-laws came for dinner. All four of us loved it. It had an interesting hickory smoke taste (which we later saw was listed in the ingredients)

Then I had it a couple of days later on another salad and found the hickory taste a bit over powering and well, now I don't really like it.......

That was my first Farm Boy dressing so I will keep going until I find one I like....the Mango Poppyseed sounds good.....

2008 Apr 23
I was at Farm Boy today and see that they have added some new Salad Dressings to the list since my last visit. Has any one tried their Roasted Red Pepper?

I like the fact that they are introducing some new flavours without taking away some of the old favorites (Lemon Garlic, Greek, Italian etc)

Sourberry - I saw the Garlic Dressing (the creamy one, believe it is now called Steak House Garlic Dressing) in the section with the prepared saleads.

2008 Mar 12
Awesome! I was scared they had discontinued it. I'll check it out next time I go. Thanks Tiana.

2008 Mar 12
Sourberry: I'm pretty sure they market the garlic dressing as a steak grilling sauce. I've seen it in the refrigerated section with goat milk and also in the meat section.

2008 Mar 11
Thanks Pasta Lover - I've seen their lemon garlic dressing but they also used to have a creamy garlic dressing - that's what I can't find. I asked last time I was there and the cashier said she hadn't seen it in a while but wasn't sure if it had been discontinued...

2008 Mar 11
I went to Farm Boy on Merivale last weekend and they still carry the lemon garlic dressing. (I have a bottle sitting in my fridge right as we speak...) But it wasn't in an obvious place. The only spot I found it in was where the pre packaged salads are near the entrance. If you can't find any you could try asking - it's so popular I can't imagine them not selling it!

2008 Feb 26
Also love their lemon garlic dressing - perfect as a tabbouleh dressing or as a marinade for fish.

Does anybody know if they still carry that amazing garlic dressing they had? It was very thick and very garlicky... I haven't seen it lately...

2007 May 25
The Greek is a bit of a bore. Certainly not a bad bore; I give them a lot of credit for using all olive oil instead of a whack of cheap canola or some such with olive oil way down on the ingredient list. Good quality, but needs more flavour.

Side note: I'm mystified by the bottle's recommendation to keep it at room temperature. I assume that's to prevent it from solidifying, but that hasn't really been a problem in my fridge door.

The blue cheese isn't bad if you like a homogenous (as opposed to chunky) blue cheese dressing.

2007 May 25
The honey dijon is yummmmy!!

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