Salad Dressing at Farm Boy
Where to get Salad Dressing

2008 Mar 12
Sourberry: the Hillside location carries the jar size of creamy garlic dressing in the cooler by the deli. Sometimes they have it in the plastic containers where they keep the fresh made salads. If they is no jars, just ask they kitchen staff, they'll scoop some up for you, since it's the same dressing they put in the plastic containers.


2019 Aug 3
Every time I visit my mother in Halifax she insists I bring a couple of bottles of Lemon&Garlic. Best fish marinade around.

2019 Jul 29
Ah hah... the plot thickens (and so does the dressing).

2019 Jul 26
While the bottles of dressing on the 'normal' shelves have indeed all changed to sunflower oil, I noticed today that they do have an "Original Lemon & Garlic" dressing as well.

This was in the chilled cabinet with the salad stuff, with a sign specifically saying it was the old formula with olive oil and that it solidifies in the fridge. I guess they put it in the chiller to hammer home the point. Only saw Lemon & Garlic, none of the other dressings.

This was at Trainyards. Not sure if the others have it as well.

2019 Jul 17
I have a jar of the old apple cider vinaigrette in the fridge. It was made with olive oil, the new one is made with sunflower oil. If I had to guess, I would guess that it was changed after Sobey's bought it as sunflower oil is cheaper. I really like Farm Boy and the one on McRae is a 5 minute walk from where I live, but I won't be buying a particular item from them where I notice a change in quality from the previous version.

2019 Jul 12
I heard it is now sunflower oil instead of olive oil. There is also a change in the other flavours though - so maybe a change to spices or type of garlic? I wondered if there was a undeclared spice too, but didnít see it listed on recall. The reasoning on oil shift was to prevent hardening of oil in fridge I guess. The prices also went up with the changes.

I found it really terrible so wonít bother buying it again and I used to always have one in fridge and one back-up.

2019 Jul 11

2019 Jul 11
What kind of oil is in it now?

2019 Jul 11
"Farm Boy co-CEO Jeff York says customers won't notice 'one difference' now that the grocery store chain has been bought."

2019 Jul 11
Yes, I think they changed the oil in it. I have noticed a decline in quality in several products since Farm Boy was sold.

2019 Jul 10
Farm Boy had the best Lemon & Garlic dressing, but they've changed the recipe and it is terrible now. Has anyone else noticed this?