Where to get Vegemite

2006 Dec 4
I checked Herb and Spice this weekend -- like everyone else, they have Marmite but not Vegemite. One day I'll get around to checking Boushey's!

2006 Nov 25
Loeb, loblaws have had them, but fewer and fewer chains carry it. I've seen it in speciality stores but its always marked up. Yay for being able to get it from the source, ah good ole family living in Oz!

2006 Oct 13
You might try Herb and Spice on Wellington. I think I might have also seen it at Boushey's on Elgin. Maybe phone first, as it's been a while since I've looked for it.

2006 Oct 11
Does anyone know where to buy vegemite in Ottawa? I remember Loblaws carrying it a few years ago, but rumour has it they no longer do.

2006 Dec 14
I saw some Vegemite at my Loblaws last week. I didn't buy any, but there is some. I'm in Aylmer, which might be a bit far for some yeast based spread.

2007 Apr 23
Spotted some at Swiss Pastries in Billings Bridge Plaza.

2008 Mar 28
They have a shelf full of Vegemite here (Marmite too, but that's easy to find).