Queso blanco and queso fresco make a creamy addition to recipes, and are often used as a topping for spicy Mexican dishes such as enchiladas and empanadas, or crumbled over soups or salads. Meltable versions are used to make quesadillas.

Where to get Queso Blanco

2014 Feb 12
Try La Colonia-
At LaFontaine and Richelieu in Vanier.
They have a good supply of productos latinos.

2013 Apr 25
Sobey's carries a Canadian made line of Latin American style cheeses that are branded "La Vaquita". I'm not sure if they specifically have a Queso Blanco. We've bought other varieties when we've done tacos at home.

2013 Apr 25
It's very easy to make your own. Gallon of milk and some lime or lemon juice or vinegar will net you about a pound of the stuff.

Slowly heat the milk to just under boiling (185F or so), take it off the heat, add about a half cup of the sour juice (half that if you're using vinegar), salt it, drain it through a cheese cloth, then tie the cloth up and hang it a few hours (I just hang it from a wooden spoon spanning a large pot, but you could use a faucet).

Replace the cow's milk with goat's milk and shazam, chèvre.

2013 Apr 25
How about ?

Mario's Food Centre

2013 Apr 25
Pretty sure i've seen it at the Merivale store blu mentioned.

2013 Apr 25
It's also available at Little Latin America (on Somerset in Chinatown)

2013 Apr 24
I've got several types of mexican style cheese at La Tiendita on Merivale but not sure whether they have queso blanco right now or not.

2013 Apr 24
I am desperately seeking this cheese! Does anyone know where in Ottawa I can find it?