Where to get Sugar Free Diabetic Cake

2012 Sep 30
Custom order cake in Chocolate, vanilla and lemon? baked with Splenda and choice of icing made with splenda (which may have an after taste) or with apricot glaze

2012 Sep 30
One of their many standard cake lineups that is Saint Delice made without sugar and sweetened with fruits and juice.


Lots of other substitution possible for people with allergies. Love the fact that on their website they give full list of ingredients and nutritional information as well as a lovely picture and you can order online.

So if you are not so restricted but want to keep it low sugar or whatever, you can check the list of cakes and find one that is more suitable for your diet restrictions or requirements.

Order 2 days in advance if there is something specific you want but may try your luck calling one day in advance.

2013 May 12
I called Friday looking for a Sugar free / diabetic cake for Mothers day, preferably available for Sat.

Delice Royal normally have a diabetic chocolate raspberry cake that is normally available with 8" priced at 31.95 and 6" priced around 24.95 I think. You can also special order 1 day in advance a strawberry shortcake for similar price.

I pre-ordered the 8" diabetic chocolate raspberry cake but when I picked it up I asked if the cake was fresh and was told it was frozen and defrosted. By chance they had fresh diabetic strawberry shortcake and a diabetic berry cake made with chocolate cake layers, whipped cream and fresh berries that day. Those cakes looked nice so I asked to swap the preordered cake for berry cake.

The cake looked nice and tasted very well but with the layer of berries in the middle including largish strawberries and other berries, they crumbled a bit more than usual when you cut it or picked up a slice. This fruit seem to weight it down a bit so it might benefit from sliced berries for the larger berries such as strawberries.

My dad did find his sugar a tad high this am but he also ate a lot of food yesterday.

I would buy their diabetic cake again.

2013 Apr 26
Been told by someone I dined next to at Table40 that Delice Royal has good sugar free cakes. Need to try them sometime.


2012 Sep 30
the standard sugar free chocolate mousse cakes are baked in bulk and frozen. They are then defrosted one at a time for decoration and sale.

If you buy one ask when it was baked and when it was defrosted. It might not be defrosted that day since the Cake Shop defrost one and keep it until it sells then defrost another.

If you special order a cake, they require 4 to 7 day notice and since their baker only works 3-4 days a week expect the cake not to be freshly baked unless you are very very lucky.

Used to be semi regular customer for this for special occassions but after several defrosted and/or stale cakes and some not fresh / spoiled blueberries decorating the last one, going to give them a miss in the future.