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Bubble Tea at Temptation Tea Shop
Foods from Temptation Tea Shop

2012 Jan 26
I've been to temptation tea shop well over 20 times, and now feel that this amounts to a sufficient sample size from which to base the following comments:

No matter how hungry you are, never ever EVER order anything else than the fresh rolls and bubble tea. You will be tempted to get other items (and I struggle with it too!) when holding the menu. Remember what I've just told you. Rather, I order double the freshrolls (you get 4). The peanut sauce that comes with it is great.

Now, I continue to go back despite mediocre service. You likely won't be spoken to, or smiled at, it's almost comical. The only reason I go back is to get my fresh roll fix, which are delicious. However, maybe once or twice I've gone (maybe more!), the fruits inside the rolls tasted like they'd been pickled in vinegar to preserve them, which made them really unpleasant to eat. It would be a shame for them to lose my business but between the long waits, the unfriendly service, bad food would break the camel's back.

2011 May 15
Bubble/Pearl tea is great! I'm not a fan of the food though. I only ate there once- for 9$ all I got was some shreds of chicken with loads of sweet/spicy sauce- but no rice? I'll just stick to the tea menu. Taro, coconut, mango, thai, black are all yummy and taste as to be expected. You can mix flavors for free. Get it to go, I think you get more if you do. They are friendly and have very prompt service. I wouldn't sit down there with children b/c it's kinda tight, but when I order to go, they are always nice to my little toddler.

2010 May 24
Great stop for lunch if your not in a hurry, the restaurant is normally a bit busy with a few people, never seen it completely full except for my group of 20.

Bubble sherbet comes in a big glass for what you pay, and it's always really good, my favorite is strawberry watermelon or banana chocolate, blueberry is awesome too.

The pearls are always done nicely and cooked completely.

Udon soup here is very decent and very filling.

the rolls were also very nice and crispy.

If getting food get the weekly special tea for free, we got lime last time and it was amazing.

2009 Jul 18
I've been there many times and always had a good experience, the fresh rolls are the best I ever tasted, they come in a generous size with fresh mint inside, which is an essential ingredient. The prices are extraordinary low for what you get, and they have an extensive menu.

2008 Apr 15
This place can sometimes be hit or miss but I am never ever disappointed by their Temptation Rolls, spring rolls, shrimp/chicken salad, or pad thai.

Cheap for what you get, convenient for me, and takeout is quite fast. I grab something here at least twice a month, though I wish it were more often!

2008 Mar 1
Cute, cozy, neighbourhood bubble tea shop. Great selection of tasty teas and friendly service. They also serve a small menu of food which is quite good - especially for lunch or a light dinner.

I agree with BigMouth about the smell really does linger with you for hours afterwards!

2007 Jun 22
Very yummy bubble teas, good tapioca balls/pearls. The food is pretty good as well. Just don't wear anything that costs a good deal to launder since you will definitely leave that place REEKING of their food. The smell penetrates pretty deeply (in your hair too, especially if it's long like mine).


2011 Oct 30
Enjoyed my B04 - Green Tea with Coconut flavour powder, creamer, sweetener, shaken with ice.

These things are more chemistry experiment than food. That said, if you approach them like you would candy they do serve a dessert-like purpose. I didn't have time to have the coconut sherbet, but that would be my first choice.

And I never get the tapioca balls (aka bubbles) -- they just displace the tasty stuff!

2007 Mar 6
Huge selection of bubble teas! I had the mango flavoured black tea with the bubbles (of course). Tasty. I think I'll go back to try their food.