Egg Rolls at Ruby Inn
Egg Rolls at Ruby Inn
Foods from Ruby Inn

2015 Dec 24
One of the best places for eggrolls in Ottawa, much better than Golden Palace imo. Dragon Tavern on Montreal Rd. (which has been there at least since the 70's) is equally as good. Whenever I visit Ottawa I bring dozens of egg rolls back to New York with me. There is something very unique about Ottawa egg rolls that cannot be found anywhere else in Canada, the US or even China (Beijing, ShangHai or Hong Kong) from my experience.

2013 May 2
A group of us decided to order from Ruby Inn two weeks ago, and decided to try out their combination dinners and egg rolls.

The egg rolls are packed with meat with few amount of cabbages but I couldn't taste the black pepper inside the egg rolls (compare to other Chinese food take outs). Ruby Inn could had added the black pepper into their egg rolls and I just couldn't taste it. However, the egg rolls are not as packed as the egg rolls sold at Golden Palace, and less greasy.

The rice, on the other hand, tasted burnt. I was able to see burnt rice in the combination plus the smell wasn't pleasing. The guy ding within the combination helped mask the burnt flavor and smell. However, I gave their rice a second try this past week, and the rice tasted burnt...again. Maybe I ordered the rice at a wrong time.

The guy ding contained chunky vegetables and tasted bland. The chicken balls are homemade (awesome!) with white meat (not a sucker for white meat) covered in a thin batter.

Overall, I will order the egg rolls again, skip the rice and if I REALLY want a vegetable dish, I will go with the almond guy ding dish.

2010 Jul 27
Ruby Inn is overrated. The food is ok and the service is less than average. Delivery took 2 hrs and they were not even willing to compensate for their lengthy delivery time . I had to pay because the kids were starving.

2009 Apr 3
I love Ruby Inn but I really wish they delivered. I understand they are popular enough that they don't have to but it means that when I can't pick up I have to order elsewhere.

2007 Sep 4
Best canadian chinese in the city. I use to live in china town & would drive to walkley just for ruby inn. No sweet & sour sauce like it anywhere else that I have found!
Also love the retro wall paper, amazing how things really do come back into style.

2007 Jan 2
Got my dinner here for New Year's Eve and was as pleased with it as ever. The food isn't anything special, really. Just your average americanized chinese food, too heavy on sauces and gravies and deep fat frying, but I enjoy it every once in a while. Much of the menu is hit and miss, I like the fried rice but the chow mein and chop suey is too heavy on the celery and other cheap greens. The quality of the soup varies, but the egg rolls are always great.


2013 Aug 7
Amen, Ken. For my money, Ruby Inn's are the best in town. I pick up a dozen now and again when I'm in the neighbourhood, they're equally delicious fresh or straight from the fridge the next morning.

2013 Aug 6
Still consistent with the egg rolls. I would put these up against that famous egg roll place on Carling any day of the week.

2011 Jun 28
The egg rolls here are the meatiest I have had in Ottawa. The ratio of meat to cabbage is probably 70/30. They were a little stubby but the heavy amount of pork makes up for it. Haven't had much else from here but we will definitely be ordering more of these.

2007 Jan 2
The egg rolls here are the best I've had, though I've never tried the Golden Palace. They are crispy, open ended and stuffed full, with just the right amount of oilyness lingering on them. They're good cold the next day in much the same way pizza or roast chicken is.

2006 Oct 5
Second only to Golden Palace; will sell them partially cooked so that you can finish them at home for parties