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2012 Aug 9
Boxers, I have been a fan for years , also don't understand why it does not get more reviews on this site.
There lamb chop dinner is great and the Greek salad is authentic and huge.
Service is always good .

2012 Aug 9
Hidden west-end gem in the Merival Mall for breakfast.

Rockwell's is vastly underrated for their great breakfast.

Usually order the eggs benedict which always comes perfectly soft poached and the hollandaise sauce is rich and creamy. Their homefries are wonderfully seasoned and cooked just right, hard to resist finishing them all off as they serve a generous amount of them. Also appreciate that they serve texas toast when ordering other menu items.

Their bacon and eggs are always cooked to order and come fresh and hot. Always struggle with the decision of having their tasty bacon or their delicious sausage links. Bottomless cup of coffee which most staff are quite attentive to keep filled. Kids have also really enjoyed their pancakes and french toast.

Service has always been very friendly.

Surprised this place doesn't garner more attention for their breakfast. A much better option than Cora's and Tutti Frutti for breakfast IMHO and their prices are quite cheap in comparison.

Haven't dined here too often for lunch or dinner but they have a large selection and many daily specials with their pizza being surprisingly good.

2011 Aug 21
Just a heads up.
They are celebrating 25 yrs in business
With a great menu at great prices.
For $ 9.99 choose from chicken pot pie,
Shepherds pie, smoked meat sandwich platter
Just to name a few.
Includes choice of soup, salad, fries or rice.
Tea or coffee included.
I had the pot pie and it was the best I have had in a long while. Full of nice chunks of chicken breast, carrots and
Green beans with a nice sauce.
Served piping hot, love it when you cut through the crust and a wonderful steamy aroma escapes.
Chose fries but was to full to even have one, it is large!!

2011 Jul 2
Woke up late after staying up late on Canada Day and really wanted breakfast so we decided to finally try Rockwell's in Merivale Mall.

We ordered: smoked salmon benedict, florentine omelette, both with home fries.

Overall a decent breakfast. Hollandaise sauce was nothing special but not bad, i would have liked the english muffin to be toasted, but the egg was poached perfectly and the smoke salmon was tasty. Omelette had st alberts cheese, yum! Home fries were the frozen kind, but they were nicely seasoned and probably the crispiest i've ever had.

They have a good sized breakfast menu that isn't on their website. That menu said breakfast is only served until 2pm, so I'm not sure if they serve breakfast all day anymore. Perhaps only the basic breakfast items are available all day.

will go back next time we want to eat a late breakfast.

2009 Dec 10
"Should you be trying to prevent your kid from trashing their direct dining vicinity?"

Personally, I would go with this option. If you can't prevent it from happening, clean it up when it happens, don't let a mess build up until you're about to leave. If that's too much to ask, your child isn't ready for a sit-down restaurant.

2009 Dec 10
Rockwell's seems to cater to the blue-haired lady crowd. I'm not surprised that they're not overly kid friendly.

2009 Dec 10
Maybe my comment should be bumped into a forum, but I need to ask, simply because I don't know how reasonable it is for a patron to expect restaurant staff to clean up the patron's mess... but when is messy TOO messy to expect restaurant staff to be ok with cleaning up after you? At which point are you expected to clean up? During? After? Should you be trying to prevent your kid from trashing their direct dining vicinity? What is the generally accepted etiquette here?

2009 Dec 10
This restaurant is not kid friendly, although they boast a kids menu and have high chairs. I was told by the owner/manager that the mess my 16 month old made on the floor was unacceptable and I was asked who I thought would clean it up. I must say that normally I try to clean up after my child when we leave a restaurant, but I didn't have the chance since he approached our table as we were finishing our meals. I was quite shocked that he was so impolite. Needless to say, we didn't finish and will never return.

2009 Sep 14
Driving home today I had a sudden hankering for egg and chips for supper. Stopped off at Rockwells and had my fill. The eggs were as orderd, sunny side up and the chips golden and just right. This was our Monday night supper as a child so it brought back many happy memories growing up in Essex U.K.
I will be back for this again soon.

2007 Jan 28
We ordered cheeseburger platters and onion rings last night from Rockwells for delivery. Great burgers! Very meaty, great flavour and fresh toppings. They don't provide condiments though, so unless your fridge is stocked with the typical skeleton items like ketchup, mustard, mayo and relish, you should probably ask for them.

I would not recommend the rings. Very heavy and soggy (ate them anyway). Fries were awesome though, and still hot when they arrived.

Their coleslaw is pleasantly different. Dry, but not lacking flavour at all. Seemed vinegary but no oil. We both commented on it. It's very good shredded cabbage salad but I wouldn't call it coleslaw. I wish the portion was bigger - it was delicious! I'd try to recreate that at home.

Delivery time was slow..over an hour, and we're not far. Roomie said it sounded busy when he called at about 9:30.

We will definitely order from Rockwell's again. I think the quality of the burger was evidence of good things to come.



2007 Jan 28
Awesome!! Thick, juicy, flavourful with a hint of something extra in the meat, onions and/or garlic. Fresh toppings. Even delivered was great!



2013 Dec 11
Rockwell's French Onion Soup is my favourite. It's a beautiful, salty broth with the right amount of onions and bread, and tons of cheese. This is my comfort food, and often if I'm feeling under the weather, I'll want to come here just to have a bowl of this soup.

2013 Dec 11
This is the three-egg, three cheese omelette from Rockwells. I had it along with the French Onion Soup (pictured above). It was filling and full of savoury goodness. I loved how the cheese was perfectly melted and gooey, unlike some other three cheese omelettes I've have from more well known breakfast haunts. It was perfect.