Foods from Rockin Johnny's Diner

2007 Sep 22
The food is not very good but I have to admit that I have a soft spot for the place since it's where my hubby and I went on our first date nearly 8 years ago. They make an excellent milkshake though and if you do order food stick to diner classics. I can't imagine their "fancier" items would be very good at all. They make decent club sandwiches and chicken salad sandwiches but I'm not crazy about the fries. I remember them having a cheap breakfast special years ago too but I don't remember what it was like.

2007 Jun 18
Went to Rockin' Johnny's when our kitchen was under renovation for diner. It just seems like they are trying to do too much with their menu...makes you think that they can't do that many things well. I had the chicken and ribs, and hubby had the club with fries. Kiddie had pasta tossed in parmasan. Kids always like the milkshakes, problem is that even the smallest (or is there just one size) is so large, that you can't eat a meal afterwards or you'd make yourself sick. I had a more milky thinner one from their menu that has Kahlua in it, can't remember the name, but that one fills you up so much too that you can't really eat afterwards.

The ribs were terrible, it's the rib piece with the half of it almost inedible parts that you mistakingly eat and have to take out of your mouth with a napkin. The chicken was alright, nothing great. The club was standard fare, good thing about it was it wasn't just cheap deli meat, the chicken inside was either real chicken breast sliced or close to it.

All in all, we wouldn't go back for diner, maybe good for a batchelor who doesn't know any better, not for a foodie. Milkshakes are good, made with real ice cream.


2007 Sep 22
Love the milkshakes here. They are huge! One glass full along with the rest in a metal cup that nearly fills your glass again. Made with lots of ice cream.