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Foods from Pho Bamboo

2010 Mar 2
Love this place! Definitely one of our favorite places to eat. We've diversified from the basic pho and have tried a bunch of the other dishes offered. Our favorite is without a doubt the 56 and 57. 56 is BBQ pork, chicken or beef with egg noodles and 57 is the same thing except with rice noodles. DEFINITELY order it with pork. It is sooo tasty and has the perfect amount of caramelized fat on it.
You get a big bowl of dry noodles that have some kind of flavored oil on it and some shredded lettuce leaves and COOKED (v important, hate raw) beansprouts for extra texture. On top of that lies the heavenly BBQ pork and it's garnished with crispy shallots and green onion. A small bowl of clear (chicken-based I think) very flavorful soup is also provided on the side.
Another favorite is the deep fried tofu appetizers. Tofu is deep fried and then I think sauteed with garlic, onions, and peppers and comes to you steaming and salty and crunchy and soft in the middle haha!
The decor of this place is also pretty awesome. A lime green and bamboo scheme with painted murals of Vietnam in the booths on the upper level. The music is hilarious, get ready for house versions of Enya songs. It's not played very loud though so it isn't intruding and doesn't ruin anything.
Service - OK, has gotten a lot better over the years with the increasing amount of customers that they're getting.
All in all, 7 or 8 out of 10.

2007 Oct 16
First time visit, very disappointed.

We went on a Saturday evening for take out. There were only about 5 tables of customers. All of which were eating, finished eating with their dishes left on their tables, or paying their bills. It took over 25 minutes for the order to be prepared, and during that time, they informed us that there wasn't any chicken left and so we had to change our order.

When we brought the food home less than 5 minutes later, I opened my package and was sadly disappointed at the tiny portion of food offered. I ordered the rice paper roll ups, which usually at other Pho places come with several rice wraps for rolling, I was given ONE small ripped piece that was laying at the bottom of the sparse noodles and dry meat that I unable to distinguish between pork or beef.

That and the noodle soup were extremely bland. I constantly added more Hoisin sauce and hot sauce in hopes that I would be able to taste anything, still in disbelief that I was only provided the one rice paper roll. The spring rolls were the only redeeming factor.

I'm very surprised in this booming Pho market one place could possibly expect to provide such poor turn around and bland food and expect to survive amongst the competition. I will never go there again.

My recommendation is take the extra few minutes and find another place for some Vietnamese cuisine.