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2015 May 11
Spicy burger came loaded with sirracha cream cheese, pickled jalapeño, bacon and crispy cayenne onions. Great flavors while not too spicy. Onions added a nice crunch and the jalapeños really cut the richness of the cheese and patty.

2014 Aug 8
Burger Monday at Patty's Pub. Tried the chip burger which had doritos, guacamole, cheese, jalapeño and mayo. Excellent patty and topping combination! Of course the fries were great as always.

2011 Dec 15
We love Patty's Pub, but I know exactly who the previous users are talking about. My husband always dreads going in if we end up in her section. However, the last few times we have been in her section, I found a smile and a few please and thank yous have gone a long way with her.
Don't let one server put a downer on such a great place!

2011 Aug 7
Well, I recently went to Patty's Pub for the first time in years. Looks like the place could be good, except sadly I had the misfortune of being served by the server mentioned by New User 2756 and Sam the Hungry.

I was made to feel as if the mere presence of my party was an inconvenience to her. She moved slowly and carried a gloomy cloud over her everywhere she went. Talk about turning what was supposed to be a fun evening out with friends into a downer experience.

Sam the Hungry says she has been there for years, and I can't for the life of me figure out why. The management cannot be ignorant to the poisonous influence she has on the place if it has been going on for so long, and I am surprised they wouldn't have taken some corrective action.

2011 Feb 18
We needed a hamburger “fix” this week and headed off to Patty’s Pub on Bank St. in Old Ottawa South. We ordered a Patty’s Burger (lettuce and tomatoes for $10.99) and a Patty’s Burger Dressed (lettuce, tomatoes, sautéed mushrooms, onions, bacon and cheddar $12.99). They came with a large slice of dill pickle, cole slaw and fresh cut fries. With a beer, it was a taste of summer on a cold winter’s night. We don’t barbecue in the winter and the nicely charred beef was flavourful and really hit the spot. The pub was fairly busy for a mid-week night but we didn’t have to wait for a table. There seemed to be enough servers to keep things moving along and we got our beers quickly. We waited just long enough for our burgers to really get our digestive juices flowing. The fries were delicious, thickly cut and perfectly cooked with a good balance of crispness on the outside and tender potato on the inside. I devoured my burger and then couldn’t eat all my fries, and left the pickle and the cole slaw. The cole slaw is probably the one weak spot for me.....I’d like it with a bit more punch and less watery. It’s a comfortable, not fancy, neighbourhood pub with good pub food made on site.

2010 Jun 12
I know exactly what you mean, New User 2756. That particular server has been there ever since I started frequenting Patty's 5 or 6 years ago and she just poisons the whole experience.

2010 Jun 12
This pub is such a contradiction. It has the potential to become the best pub in Ottawa (if not the country). All the elements are in place. Awesome, atmosphere, great staff (mostly), and good food. The only stick in the ointment is a single toxic personality in the guise of a server, who seems intent on destroying all of that and ensuring that you never come back. She's a bit older than the other servers (who are all excellent), but this is not about age. Irene's up the road seems like an older crowd of patrons and servers, but they are awesome...but I digress, this not about Irene's, I just wanted to show that the contradiction at Patty's boils down to one personality. It's a real pity, because everything and everyone else there is out of this world.

2015 Jun 10
Great poutine mostly due to the very crisp fresh cut fries. Cheese was plentiful and the gravy was also delicious -could be a mushroom gravy. If you like crispy fries this is a poutine for you! Forgot to mention this was at Patty's Pub.