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Crème Brûlée at Par-Fyum
Shrimp at Par-Fyum
Duck at Par-Fyum
Chocolate Truffles at Par-Fyum
Foods from Par-Fyum

2008 Feb 18
A very pleasant night indeed. We came to Par-Fyum mid-november.
The food here was fabulous. Me and my boyfriend shared a shrimp and pineapple salsa appetizer, had duck or rabbit and then ended with some fabulous desserts. My rabbit was very tender and the pasta and veggies that went with it were kind and mild and went very well together.
I'm pretty sure we showed up on a Thursday or Friday night and I remember being surprised at how empty the place was. The ambiance is very nice (a rich, clean atmosphere - almost romantic), and the service was perfect.
My only complaint is that Par-Fyum no long exists!! :(
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2006 Sep 16
If you're wondering where Stephen Vardy (formerly the acclaimed chef at Beckta) disappeared to... this is your answer!


2008 Feb 19
ooooooooh so good. Orange-lemongrass Creme Brulee.
If only it could be never ending.

2008 Feb 18
Mousse, truffle and I am not exactly sure what the last one is.
The chef came out and advised my boyfriend which to eat first and how. We had a mini-lesson in dessert eating I guess. Rich in taste and experience!

2008 Feb 18
Duck done two different ways? I can't exactly remember. This is what my boyfriend ate. I guess I was too attentive on my own meal!
Served with a mango puree and a biscuit

2008 Feb 18
Shrimp with Pineapple salsa on greens.
I get confused why this is served at a french bistro?