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Dim Sum at Beijing Tian Run
Foods from Beijing Tian Run

2006 Dec 29
I used to eat out in Tian Run more than frequently. The owners of the restaurant knew of me. Very disappointed by their service and their products.

Service wide: Last time I went, the waitress poured my dish over my creamy pants. The waitress apologized at the cashier (when the owner was there). The owner did not say a word and she kept smiling! They charged to the penny to me! Not even a penny off! I was shocked and wondered what has gone wrong with the restaurant. Even though I did not ask for a discount nor got the waitress in trouble...I don't understand why the owner did not even say Sorry!

Product wide: The dish is shrinking while the price is the same. They used to deliver the food for free (within range). Now they charge $3 and the food is even less than eating on site!

Overall, very disappointed.

2006 Oct 15
I forgot to bring my camera yesterday. I found that their dim sum was not as good as last time I went there. This was disappointing that they can't maintain consistency in their food. I went there for dinner twice and wasn't happy both times. So, my rating has been changed.

2006 Oct 15
Mandarin and Yangtze are still better for dim sum in my opinion! But it's still quite good here. :-)

Our second pot of tea was dark like soy sauce... first time I've seen that anywhere.

2006 Sep 22
Best dim sum place in Ottawa! But dinner is so so and expensive.



2007 Apr 26
Mark, I heard that this restaurant has changed ownership. Their dim-sum are no longer the same as before.

This proves that management is very important to a restaurant! Oh well. Another restaurant has been deleted from my list.

2007 Apr 26
I was here for dim sum at lunch today and the quality has gone even more down hill. Unfortunately, that means it was pretty empty and the cart circled for a long time, allowing food to get cold and crusty. The ginger squid wasn't even as good as it used to be... :(

This food is not in the same league as Mandarin, Fortune Express, Yangtze, or even Chu Shing.

2006 Oct 15
Best ginger squid at any dim sum in Ottawa! But the shrimp siu mai was substandard and other dishes were good but not first class. They have a big bowl of (not very hot) chili sauce at each table so you never run out.