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2014 Apr 15
Tip: you can ask for less seasoning/salt when you order your burgers. My brother used to work in one and told me so.

2014 Apr 15
Funny you should say that. The onion rings I ordered at the Rideau Centre a couple months ago tasted different. Much less seasoning.

2014 Apr 15
I haven't ordered their onion rings in a while but they have changed. They are thicker with a coarser breading. The old ones rocked and lured me in. The new rings are not good. Is this chain wide?


2014 Apr 15
The Mama burger, the Teen Burger with blue cheese and a Buddy burger for my daughter with sides of fries and onion rings. I asked for less salt on my burger and it was flavourful enough. I liked the fries. Not as thin as McD. A little more to chew on.



2007 Feb 4
Yes! buddy at work told me that too. I'm going!

2007 Jan 30
I dare say you seem to be correct! The picture and nutritional info on their website appear to support this.

2007 Jan 30
I think A&W still fries theirs.