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2010 Feb 22
My girlfriend & I went to Mamma Teresa's for Valentines Day and absolutely loved it. Admttedly we aren't the most discerning of customers, but it was absolutely delicious. I had the gnocchi gorgonzole, and she had a chicken parmesan, and it was delightful. Great sized portions (not massive massive, but we didn't have room for dessert), really tasty, and our waiter was pleasant, professional, and he knew the menu when we had questions.

It was a little expensive so I wouldn't want to do it every week, but overall the price was not bad at all considering how much we enjoyed the meal and the experience. Will be going back.

2009 Oct 21
I will add my voice to those who feel shortchanged by this place.
I was there for dinner on October 20, 2009, and decided to make the meal around the wine, ordering a 2002 Banfi Brunello de Montalcino, with a $145.00 price tag.
The server came back shortly after and told me that they were out of the 2002, offering me instead a 1993 for the 'bargain' price of $195.00.
After thinking it over, because after all and unlike most patrons present, I am not a politico, high ranking civil servant or what one (meaning that I pay for my own meals), I decided to bite the bullet and ordered this wine.
When the server arrived with the wine, he proceeded to open it, and I noticed that he struggled with the cork. I also noticed that when he finally was able to pull it our, he was fast to put it in his pocket, so I asked to see it.
The cork did not smell vinagry, but was extremely soft and spongy.
My dinning companion and I tried the wine, and we both gave it thumbs down. The waiter became very agitated, and reluctantly agreed to take a sample of the wine and have someone taste it.
Next, and I saw what happened another one of the servers very briefly smelled the wine, and our server came back and said that "the owner had said that this was a very good wine".
That was the end of the story.
We drank the wine to the last drop. At $195.00, no wonder. However, this wine was still 'potable' but the cork had done its damage.

So, my impression of this highly acclaimed Ottawa restaurant is that they should maybe hire a REAL wine waiter, and imporve on their server training.

2008 Jan 23
I would have to agree that I was unimpressed with this restaurant, although my expectations were not high going in since I had heard mixed reviews. I was there with a group of eight for a birthday party.

I had the veal marsala, which I have preferred at such places as Fratelli. It was ok here, but not exceptional. Our server was obviously a veteran but bordered on bizarre. He forgot a variety of orders and brought out the wrong order once as well.

He had forgotten my friend's salad, and then when she tracked him down later, he said he hadn't heard her order it but he would bring one anyway, free of charge. Then when we got the bill the salad was on it except he had used white-out to cross it out. Kind of odd...

All in all, an ok meal but I think you could do better for Italian. I was quite impressed with the bruschetta.

I also don't understand the dessert cart here; they drive that huge thing around non-stop and on numerous occasions I noticed the young man pushing it bump into tables and guests. Seems a little more trouble then it is worth although it did provide some laughs...

2008 Jan 22
Also agreeing with Booyaka and Jabba... Talk about resting on their laurels.

Is this a picture of their new chef ?

2008 Jan 22
Agreed with Booyaka - unexceptional, bland, uninteresting Italian...I had the veal pasta combo and it was nothing to scream about. The place definitely has some interesting political history, and the foyer features multiple autographed photos of high flying politicos.

2007 Aug 26
I like the service. Only ever order the caesar salad & fettuccine alfredo but both they do very well!!! Everything else looks typically italian so I don't stray from what I know. Love the bambino olives in garlic, yum..

2007 Feb 17
Awful! I don't understand why this place is so hyped. Generic food for quality food prices. Mediocre.

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