Foods from Barley Mow

2011 Mar 4
Been a while since I actually been out during the week for lunch at a restaurant and hard a hard time finding a place without a wait. Surprisingly the Moxy's at Riverside and Hunt Club was packed with a 30 minute wait,go figure makes you wonder where everyone is coming from to this off the beating path location. Quinn's door was locked even thought the hours said otherwise. So the Barley Mow it was. Small pub and the last table just got snagged as we walked in so it was up to the bar. All three of us ordered the fish and chips. Fries were fresh cut and cooked to dark crispy hue. The fish was lightly battered consisting of a large portion but could have been cooked a minute or two longer. The place was packed so I'm sure the kitchen was a little rushed. Definitely one of the better places for fish and chips in the city,not sure if I would order the lamb vindaloo but you never know. Have to put this place on the fish and chip radar.

2010 Sep 1
Went here today for a quick lunch break. I'd been there before for drinks and enjoyed the atmosphere.

Some of us order the fish & chips, some of us ordered sandwiches. I got the prime rib sandwich. Big mistake. It was terrible. The bun was one of those generic 'is-this-really-bread' buns. The meat was super dry and tasted like leather. It came with a side of 'jus' which I really did not understand. Why would you need the little cup of jus? Am I supposed to dunk my whole sandwich into it? Or am I supposed to drench the sandwich in the liquid?

Anyways, the french fries also sucked. Tasted as though the oil hadn't been changed in a very long time.

The service was fine - but when you go to a pub, you aren't expecting a fine-dining style of service.

I didn't complain out loud (someone else was paying). The other people I was dining with didn't complain either but also they didn't say if their meals were good.

I'll definitely go back for beer but..not for food.

2006 Nov 9
Surprisingly good.

Though another salad, once, got sent back -- brown lettuce. Use caution, but, again, the place for it with a beer.