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2011 Jan 28
great food, horrible service
It was my first time at Korea Garden and I was warned prior to going about the service but thought I would give it a go anyways. We had the AYCE, bulgogi, japchae, soup, dumplings, and sushi. The sushi wasn't great - but if you think about the fact that you're ordering japanese style sushi at a korean restaurant it is pretty good. All the Korean dishes were great, but I was disappointed that pickled radish was not served with the other banchan.
Expect to wait a really really really long time for this good food though. Maybe not the place to go before a movie, or on a date lol...akward moments galore.

2010 Apr 1
I went for the AYCE Korean BBQ & Sushi they have and I would probably go again. First of all, don't go for the sushi because the maki rolls I tried were all horrible. The BBQ on the other hand was quite good. We had the beef, chicken, veggies, and squid which were all delicious and nicely marinated except for the veggies which were plain but still good. I was a bit skeptical of this place, but decided to take the risk and I wasn't disappointed. Btw it's $20 for the meal any day of the week.

2007 Sep 22
It's BACK! A minor fire shut down the resto and pained me deeply. (ironic though altogether not surprising when some customers are not used to having fire at their tables) :P

But it's back and they DO have an AYCE option but only on Saturdays from 11:30-2:30. We went to go have the AYCE Saturday lunch extravaganza to celebrate it's return....and get our meat fix. ;)

Included in the meal is all the meat you can eat (marinated beef, pork, chicken and some seafood) two kinds of maki rolls (california and either salmon or tuna) a variety of korean condiments and side dishes one of which is sesame bean sprouts. The small spread also includes tempura sweet potatoes, the vegetabe pancakes and tempura chicken. Miso soup and other usual suspects are in there as well.

Service was brisk but attentive. Always had water topped up and our grill water (go and you'll see what I mean) taken care of.
Try it for a no frills, korean bbq meal.

ps: they automatically charge a service tax so the whole thing comes out to $20 flat. just letting you know.

2007 Jun 27
This is the grand daddy of Korean restaurants. I suspect if you asked a Korean where they would eat, it would be this place. I used to see tons of diplomats there eating lunch…

However, they seem to have trouble with staff...maybe too cheap....? I have not had any good service experiences here. And many bad ones…..

As for food…there is really nothing more to Korean food than kimchi & assorted pickled vegetables; and BBQ. They actually do have stuff like cold soup noodles etc which is quite interesting, which one does not find in too many places…..

But the prices are from a by-gone era... i.e., way over priced.

What we need is an AYCE Korean place like in Toronto.

2006 Dec 4
SteffQc, the meat dish that you grill at your table is called Bulgogi (just one spelling out of hundreds). It rocks!

2006 Dec 4
A friend of mine lived 3 years in Korea, and since he's been back (last year), he keeps on talking about it and how he misses the food and the country alot.

He decided to take his girlfriend and me to eat there on saturday.

We got there at 4 (as they were opening the doors) and got ready for a nice meal.

I warn you right now, i will not use any of the dish names because i have absolutely no clue what those names were. I don't know Korean/Japanese food that much and i didn't bother writing the names down.

As appetizers, we shared noodles with veggies, beef dumplings and some chicken/peppers on skewers. Very nice.

The main dish was the highlight though, as we used the grill that was on the table and cooked the marinated Beef, pork and shrimp ourselves. Rice was also part of the dish and my friend decided to pig out and order a big bowl of Bibimbap (his favorite). It was pretty good.

All in all, the restaurant experience was very nice, reasonably priced, i guess we could just say 1 negative thing about the experience and that's the heat. It was FREEZING in there. We had to warm up with the grill :)

Just like fondue places, those grills are a great idea if you want to go there with friends, hang out and not be in a hurry. Those grilled meals are just one part of the menu though.. There are lots of regular dishes offered.