Foods from Harvey's

2010 Sep 2
2 egg breaky at Harvey's. Fast, filling and tasty. I think they do a good job for a fast food place.

2010 Jun 22
Had the breakfast club ( I think that's what its called) this morning. The egg was freshly fried, no burnt brown bits, Bacon was crispy but not burnt, soft kaiser and it was a slice of real cheddar.

You have the choice of all the burger toppings but nothing seemed like it would taste right on a breaky sandwich. The lettuce and tomato didn't look great so I just added a bit of mayo.

Best breaky sandwich from a fast food joint that I've ever had. Friggin yummy in fact.

This was the Kanata (centrum) location. They had cool gipsy swing music playing?!

2008 Feb 28
I always hated Harvey's because they have those gross crispy coated fries but I found out recently that the Innes Rd. location serves Swiss Chalet fries (since they are connected). Makes for a yummy poutine!