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2013 Mar 15
If they are a couple of months behind in rent, then the location is not profitable and self supporting.

2013 Mar 15
Closed due to a dispute with the landlord. They were a couple of months behind on rent and instead of trying to reach a compromise or discuss it with them, they locked the doors.

I guess I'll have to find a different O'Somethingorothers pub for Saint Patrick's Day.

2013 Mar 14
it has been closed for the last couple of weeks.

2013 Mar 14
Drove by this location today and noticed all the signs are down. It looks abandoned. Anyone know if it's still open?

2010 Aug 24
4 kinds of mill street brew @ gracies. nice carbonated bevvies of the barley kind to enjoy on the evening patio. one had a nice coffee/chocolate aroma to it. quick, down these up and prepare yourselves accordingly as you get swarmed as it hits 10pm by youthful and reproductively desireable women lined up around the block as the pub turns into a irish club.

2010 Aug 24
fish n' chips @ gracies. your life has been upgraded when you delete those useless regular fries and request to substitute it up to sweet 'tatoe fries i say. herbed batter was thick and flavorful. fish was moist and enjoyable. tartare had a delicate horseradish & relish touch. had to request an extra of that as well.

can't beat those wonderful fish n' chips from my pub tours of the UK but this will suffice for now.

2010 Aug 24
sweet tatoe fries @ gracies. this was fantastic. comes with a chipotle mayo dipping as you know catsup just overpowers sweet potatoes. this basket o' fries was SO GOOD it was consumed in under 2 minutes by our l'il partay on the evening patio.

2010 Aug 24
chicken quesedillas @ gracies. mehhhh to the healthier option on the menu. MEH is right.

2010 Aug 18
You get what you pay for...

The wing craving hit last night while my friends and I were headed out for a group grocery shopping trip. Since they say you shouldn't go grocery shopping on an empty stomach, we felt justified stopping for wings prior to buying food and cooking for ourselves. At $0.15 a wing... really, its cheaper than any groceries we would have bought, right?

We settled into our booth, took a quick look at the flavours and ordered right away. The service was great - we had our drinks and very shortly after, our wings. Keeping in mind that I was only paying $0.15, the wings were sufficient for my craving. ...This being said, they were tiny wings with very little meat on the bone, and were overcooked. I gather that in order to appease the crowds of a $0.15 wing night, Gracies must be well prepared with wings sitting under the hot lamp just waiting to sauced resulting in their being dried out/overcooked. We did try a couple of the flavours (I had Hot), all of which were alright.

If you're looking for a quick, inexpensive wing fix, Gracies on Mondays will definately do the trick, and with great service! However if you're looking for a good meaty wing, I would suggest going elsewhere.

Wing Size 2
Wing Sauce/Flavour 6
Recommended Beer: Guinness or something filling

2010 May 24
Great atmosphere and decor, we try to sit somewhere different every time, always something to look at awhile you wait.

Normally very fast at putting in an order an 1+ to free refills on pop.

Viking nacho's Are really good, one serving feed about 4 of us for an appetizer (big appetizer)

The poutine here is really good to, leaves me full and the gravy is awesome.

desert is reallllyy good, we had the triple chocolate cake last time we went.



2009 Dec 22
I've had the fish and chips a few times, and so far my only complaint would be that the size seems variable.

The first time I went I ordered the slightly more expensive two piece version, but found it was too much. The next time I went, I bought the smaller one piece portion, only to find the single piece to be woefully small - about 25 percent of the fish of the two piece version.

I've been busy trying other things on the menu since then.

2009 Sep 23
Went here for lunch recently; first time I'd been for something other than after-work drinks.

Ordered fish and chips, and I clock them in as a solid "OK."

Very generous serving size for the $10 you pay. (For one-piece; two-piece is $14.) I'm pretty sure I was served the entire side of a fish. And a big mound of nummy fries.

Batter was nice and browned, and perfectly crispy at the thin end; unfortunately, it was a bit claggy and gummy at the thick end. Not a deal-breaker, but a bit disappointing given I started at the "good" end.

I would order this again. That and a Guinness was exactly what I wanted on a kind-of icky day.

2007 Feb 7
Bang on about the F&C in Bell-vegas & the County. I have yet to find F&C anywhere else in ON that compares...looks like the maritimes take that one!

2007 Feb 7
I think it (the Fish & Chips) used to be better a couple years ago, before the staff 'became' younger, and their skirts much shorter. I think Lapoints has better F&C. Of course, my favourite F&C come from 'The Lobster Trap' in Belleville, and/or 'Schooner's' in Picton.

2006 Sep 9
Second best fish and chips in town, after The Glen on Hazeldean!