Foods from Rua Vang (Golden Turtle)

2008 Mar 8
You're absolutely right! This place has been renovated. There was a "New Management" sign on the window. That's what I was telling to myself: "Not a good sign!" I was right!

I went there. The interior was far better than the previous one. However, my favorite spring rolls (they were the top knoch best spring rolls in Ottawa), GONE!!! In the menu, I saw "Deep fried spring rolls with shrimp in it" I've tried it and I wasn't impressed at all. I've tried their soup and it was so so. I took a lot of time to decide because when I see "Beef Tendon or Beef Tripes", it's a complete turn off.

My last visit was end of June 2007. I haven't returned since because I was very upset! Hope they've changed the menu because this place will close within a year!

2007 Jul 5
walked by this place on way to bluesfest and found that it's name has changed....there's still a turtle there, but the old name has been papered over.. can't for the life of me remember the name...

hope the chef left the pho soup recipe...

it's called 'Number One Pho'...... and the place is being renovated.... not necessarily a good sign...,but we'll have to see

2007 Jun 27
Agree that this place is the best soup stock in town...better than a lot of Toronto places..., but it's a dirty if that's a factor...and unless they have redecorated in the last couple of years... I would not go here even though I think their soup is great....

2006 Oct 24
Tucked away in Chinatown on Booth St. This place looks modest, but the servings aren't. The menu is a little short on veggie options, but the meatless spring rolls (make sure you special request the veggie variety) and rice rollups were more than satisfying. The food looks and tastes very fresh and is nicely presented with generous amounts of fresh mint on the stalk. Bring cash (or use their debit machine). Prices were very reasonable.



2007 Jun 27
Best Pho soup stock in town....