Foods from Go 4 Greek

2009 Apr 24
Ordered out tonight. Decided on our local Greek establishment: Go 4 Greek. Ordered the chicken souvlaki plate, an extra chicken souvlaki, and a small village salad; all for only $30!

The souvlaki plate came with a large grilled chicken souvlaki, a side of rice, roasted potatoes, greek salad, and tzatziki. The village salad had ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, feta, onions, hot peppers, green peppers, and was topped off with an oregano and olive vinaigrette.

The chicken was cooked perfectly: tender and juicy! The small village salad could actually feed a small village! Was pleasantly surprised by the quantity and quality of the ingredients! The feta was creamy and plentiful, as were the potatoes.

Although Go 4 Greek only offers take-out, it is well worth the trip!