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2011 Mar 26
Dined at FP for the first time last night. I'm a huge advocate for good service and the service last night was awesome.

Now onto the food ...

We started with the antipasto plate - tasty but I'm pretty sure most of the items weren't made in-house. Luncheon meats that anyone can buy at a grocery store doesn't make for a great impression, but on the whole it was good. I particularly liked the smoked fish.

For my main, I ordered the Flight Boar (fettucine with proscuitto and mushrooms). I found it a bit dense, I think the pasta was overcooked. I had hoped for thin light slices of salty proscuitto but instead they were hard strips and not very salty. All in all, an okay dish but nothing to rave about.

Mom had the Con Frutti di Mare (seafood fettucine). The dish looked impressive enough, the seafood portions were very generous. The scallops were gigantic, plump and not overcooked. Mom did ask for salt though.

Dad had the fettucine with meatballs. He said the meatballs were perfectly seasoned.

For dessert, Mom and I shared the kiwi cheesecake. It was very rich and creamy; tasty. Dad had the chocolate and orange bread pudding. It looked pretty good.

All in all, a pleasant dining experience.

2010 Dec 13
Great atmosphere, great service, but pasta was overcooked (!) and could have sworn it was from a package even though the server assured us it was not. Also, not seasoned (hey?). Not sure of everyone's expectations, but for me it was not unlike ordering from a pizza joint that does pasta. Disappointed.

2010 Sep 1
I must have driven past Piggys hundreds of times and I'd always dismissed it. Just something about the location & the look didn't appeal. However we were at a bit of a loss as to what to eat the other day and I had a hankering for Italian. I was about to head to Preston Street but then remembered some recent favorable reviews of Piggys so we decided to give it a go, and I'm very glad we did.

We managed to get in without a reservation on a Friday, but only because we were early. The place was pretty packed by the time we left.

The decor was very cozy and our server was super helpful / cheery / attentive.

On to the food. My wife started with the bruschetta and claimed it was the best shes ever had. Probably the light sprinkling of parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses on it that made the dish.
I had a hearty soup - Prosciutto & minted pea and damn fine it was too. Very fresh and tasty.

For mains I went for the pasta special of the night, Fusilli with capicollo, peaches, pistachios and leeks in a gorgonzola cream sauce. There was quite a lot going on but I enjoyed it and thought it was very good value for $16.
My wife had the Chicken Toscana. Now shes a fussy eater and doesn't like food on the bone or with skin and I suspected we might end up swapping dishes. However it must have been good because she tucked right in and hardly left anything (I normally bank on / hope to get about a third of her main courses ...). Anyway from the few morsels that I managed to get it was very tasty. Lots of fresh rosemary & garlic which I love.

We felt indulgent and went for dessert as well. My wife had the lemon torte which was pretty disappointing. The crust was a bit soggy and the filling was rather bland.
I was in full pig mode and decided to go for rhubarb & fruit crumble. This was good, but was lighter than I expected, which is probably a good thing for most people (especially after two other filling courses...). I was hoping to evoke memories of my childhood, but then my mother used to put about a half inch of crumble on the top ;)

I was pleased to hear they had recently changed their draught beer selection and now had Hogsback (instead of Rickards) so that was an extra plus point.

In summary, I thought the food, service & ambiance were all great. Also the total bill for 2 apps, 2 mains, 2 desserts and a few drinks came to ~$110 including tax (but before tip), which I thought was very good value.

2010 Aug 18
I find the atmosphere at Flying Piggy's to be just the right balance - it's casual, you can wear jeans or whatever, but it's presentable enough to work as an informal date spot.

I'm in a bit of a rut with what I order, as I have three strong favourites. The Claudius salad is lighter than a Caesar but every bit as flavourful. You have a choice of dressings, and I always go for the red wine vinaigrette. With olives, goat cheese and parmesan, it's more interesting than a basic green salad, but not as gloopy as a Caesar can be. The mussels with leeks, cream and chilies are wonderful, and if I'm not overly hungry, the serving is large enough to work for me as a main. If, as I do, you like to sop up every drop of the delicious sauce with bread, it can make for a fairly substantial meal. My favourite in the main dish section of the menu is the veal Con Carciofi (with Artichokes, prosciutto, sweet vermouth and cream). You can have the same preparation with chicken instead of veal.

I'm not a big pasta eater, but I've raised a couple of them, and they love to go to Piggy's. They have tried most of the preparations and haven't found any that they dislike. You can order half orders, but the price difference is not great, so I'd suggest getting the full order and taking any leftovers home for tomorrow's lunch - not that my boys ever have left overs.

The wine list is relatively limited, but okay if you like Italian. There are often featured wine specials, and when we've tried them, we've generally been happier than with the regular menu choices, so it's worth checking the blackboards before you order.

There was a time when you could just drop in, but lately this restaurant has been fully booked, so reservations are a good idea.

2010 Jun 24
Had lunch here for the first time today--very pleasant lunch. Dining room is comfortable and homey. Service was excellent even though we were a largish group--warm, no delays at all, very smooth.

I had the special pasta: Linguine with (take a deep breath) pancetta, peas, pears, almonds, artichokes, cauliflower, and, just so you don't get bored, ricotta. Pasta was excellent (and not salty to my taste, as others have complained), perfectly cooked. The dish was not overly sauced, but it did seem to have about three too many ingredients, and they overpowered the pasta. I think they put it together as well as they could, but the concept of the dish was...flawed. I had the full portion ($16, including a nice little salad), but it was too much for even my hearty appetite--they do offer half-portions, which is nice.

I will return, though I will try something different next time.

2010 May 14
I dined here a few days ago with 3 others. While I prefer Mr.B's for italian food in the South End, this isn't a bad choice either. I had the BEST caeser salad of my life as a starter. My pasta main (the flighty boar) was a bit odd. The pasta is freshly made, but was just a little harder than al dente. The proschuitto (sp?) in it was lovely though. The raspberry cheesecake was nothing special, states that the deserts are all made in house but could find the same thing in a store. All in all, It's worth a try.

2010 Apr 7
I visited this restaurant in July 2009.

Your first glance at this establishment may make you think twice about walking through the door, but don't be fooled - good things await you inside.

You'll encounter a bright and cheery atmosphere and happy colours throughout but it gets really dim in there when dusk falls. The friendly service you get as you are greeted promises a great start to a good time.

The meal starts with fresh baked buns that are served with dipping oil and balsamic vinegar.

Next came the beverage choice. Our server mentionned one of the restaurant's features: consignment wine. This concept was unfamiliar to us, so he explained how it works. It's wine that's sold only to restaurants, therefore not available at the LCBO, and only available for a short while. The red 'consignment wine du jour' was Hooley Dooley, an Australian blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot made by Dowie Doole.

For dinner, my fellow diner had one of the day's specials: Grouper with tomato salsa and curried cauliflower and chick peas.

I also had one of the day's specials: Rib Eye with frizzled spiced onions and a beet, fennel, apple, asparagus and hazelnut salad.

For dessert, my fellow diner had Fig Cheesecake. I had the Cranberry Crème Brulée. We both enjoyed the desserts with a cappuccino.

All in all, this restaurant provides a good dining experience and the meal was very satisfying.

The food is homemade, fresh and tasty and the menu is anything but static. Variety is added to everyday menu items (such as the cranberries to the Crème Brulée) and the chef prepares new dishes on the fly for the daily specials.

The service is great. Servers are attentive, timely, courteous and pleasant.

I do wish the food was made with local ingredients. I got confirmation that the steak was American but I don't know about the rest of the ingredients. Buying local is becoming more and more important to me and I wanted to highlight that.

The restaurant is really a cozy and comfortable place but try to get a table away from the bathrooms. The scent of urinal cakes is not that appetizing.

Bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Prices are the going rate for a mid-scale restaurant.

The parking lot is not very bit, but there is street parking available

2010 Feb 22
I took my girlfriend to Flying Piggy's for our first anniversary on a whim, based on other people's recommendations. We now go exactly once a year, and each time we love it. The service has always been great, and the food delicious. Some of their seats are by a nice fireplace (but it can be a bit chilly in that area if the fire is out). Very nice atmosphere, delicious food, and it's always a highlight of my year!

2009 Oct 7
My family went out to Flying Piggy's yesterday night for dinner and I had the con pesto. My sister highly recommended this place so I was expecting extraordinary food. The server was okay, not very friendly and we had to wait forever to get our bill.
The con pesto was alright, nothing special, the pasta was all stuck together and it was VERY VERY SALTY! Thank God for water. It wasn't the creamy pesto I had imagined either, which is fine if it was tasty - but all I tasted was salt.
My sister had mussels, as she usually eats and last night for some reason they were really bad, we had to send them back. They tasted really really fishy.
Overall,the food and the service was mediocre.

2008 Apr 24
I hear Flying Piggy's was a popular place with good food, so I took a date. My first glance at the wine list told me I was in the wrong place. Dominated by Foster's picks (Wolf Blass is so passe) and offering gems like Bicyclette Rouge/Jaune (someone made a deal with the devil, b/c who drinks that overpriced stuff?), I was turned off before even looking at the food. The wine specials were a good deal, though, and if I like super-light Italian Pinot Grigios, there were a few to choose from.
The "con frutti di mare" pasta was all stuck together in the bottom of the bowl, and I found the sauce bland and lacking in texture. The seafood was okay, but I got the full size and didn't find the amount of pasta suited 4 mussels, 3 shrimp, and 2 scallops. My waitress was kind enough to charge me for the half size.
My date noticed that the sausage in his pasta was undercooked on the inside, and opted against risking a few bites near the end.
It was a noisy place, with dishes clattering in the back and lots of older people/yuppies. The Caesar salad looked good, with crispy strips of bacon on top. Terrible date place, but ok for a business lunch if you're dining with a client who prefers home-y charm to good food.




2006 Oct 16
This was the best pasta I've ever had anywhere. You can't choose the shape -- everyone gets the same amazing homemade fettuccine. Sauces are quite heavy but the pasta is relatively light so they get away with it.

The noodles are of slightly different widths, perhaps indicating that they have been hand-cut. They are rolled quite thin and have a perfect balance of al dente "bite" and melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.