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Foods from Fida's Pizza

2010 Jun 4
i am saddened to hear fida's retirement. over 10 years ago, tony would on occasion close his shop and personally deliver pizzas to my house when i lived in alta vista. i rejected his 50% cash discount and always paid him full price + big tip for the thoughtfulness and treating loyal customers as the most important thing in the world. he would also be VERY generous with his toppings. long live tony and thank you.

2010 Jun 4
Yes Fida's is no more. Tony has retired. Being reguar customers we sure will miss it. I had my final Fida's pizza on the last day, May 27. There was some left over for the next day. I did consider kijiji but then I got hungry! I really hope that the new pizza place that moves in (Milanos apparently) will be as good and as reasonably priced.

2010 Jun 3
Ottawa Start is reporting that Fida's is closed.

Could it be? The end of an institution?

2008 Nov 20
Came here for the first time this afternoon for lunch with my SO. Andrew has always raved about their pizza, and especially the dough ball in the middle.

We ordered a medium, pepperoni, mushroom and extra cheese. Service was fast and efficient. Monday through Friday until 7:45, all pickup orders are half price, which made for a cheap meal for two ($10).

Sadly, however, there was no dough ball! We're not sure what happened, but usually it's on pizzas larger than a small (in lieu of the little pizza table thing).

Otherwise, it was a very enjoyable lunch. Their pizza is a bit saltier than most, something which Andrew had never realized in fifteen years of eating there (then again, I love me some salt). Overall, I'd go back there again, but it's not something I would make a regular routine. Extra chese is definitely worthwhile!


2008 Dec 22
The place does not look like much and you can't eat in, but Tony has been making pizza for over 30 years and has put five other pizzerias that set-up shop right across the street out of business.

Everything is home-made, all vegetables are fresh cut. Everything is 1/2 price for pick-up items Mon-Fri. Tony does all the food prep himself. Friday nights are particularly busy and it is a neighborhood tradition to patiently wait for your pizza that is 20 minutes late, watching a hyper-active Tony scream at his driver and cashier (who are both middle-aged men who have learned to ignore him).

Cash only -- but for regular customers, Tony will let you pay the next time if you are short. Once, I called to let him know that my wife had left the house with my car keys so I could not go pick it up: he mis-understood that she had left with my wallet so I had no cash, yet he had my order delivered with a message that it was OK to pay next week.

Tell him "The French Guy" sent you :-)