A sit-down restaurant (and takeout) at 311 Bank Street serving Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwiches, Smoked Meat Combos, Classic Poutine and 18 different Specialty Poutine.

The Great Canadian Poutinerie - Centretown
The Great Canadian Poutinerie - Centretown
Foods from The Great Canadian Poutinerie - Centretown


Mar 7
I didn't see dogs on their menu. Too bad.

Mar 6

"But what if it is a family of monsters?"

Then they should call it 'Family of Monsters' size!
...words matter dammit!

...and honestly anyone who wouldn't laugh if the menu read

Family of Monsters

....is probably cold and dead inside.

Mar 6
At the Vanier location they do two hot dogs and small fry for $5. Not too sure if its the same at the new location?

Amazing fries and solid dogs (dogs are fried I believe?).

Mar 6
But what if it is a family of monsters?

Mar 6
I take issue with the fact that 'family' size is bigger than 'monster'. Monsters eat families, not the other way around. ...depending on the family, i suppose...

I will acknowledge that calling the small size 'Limited' is a brilliant way to prompt customers to upsize to 'Great'.

Mar 5
I got the classic poutine. They have four sizes: Limited, Great, Monster and Family. I got the Great, which the container looks smallish but it was a little more than needed for lunch.

Mmmm...good fries (not shoestring nor beefeaters and NOT frozen) nice potatoey taste, crispy outside, fluffy inside.

LOTS of curds and a generous amount of dark tasty veggie gravy. I like that when I got to the bottom, there was still some gravy.

I wish there was an option for beef gravy but overall a decent poutine.