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Sep 6
Mati is the epitome of an Instagram-worthy restaurant. With gorgeous décor, large windows and unique finishings; beautifully plated food; and not to mention a PATIO (#patioseason), it makes sense why it's everywhere I look on social media. I'll admit it definitely made it on my list of "Places To Try" for one (or all) of those reasons.

And I wasn't wrong. The place was indeed very Instagram-worthy and I saw plenty of potential influencers taking photos inside and outside the restaurant. The food (we ordered Braised Beef Cheek, Steak & Eggs, and Lobster Grilled Cheese) was well-executed at a reasonable-for-a-fancy-brunch-place price.

The damper came from the service. When we were trying to walk into the restaurant, the door was somehow locked on the outside. We went around to the patio side to ask a waitress and she told us it shouldn't be locked and to try again, continuing with what she was doing. We tried it again for another minute (having had 3 people try it) before a departing guest let us in. When we finally got into the restaurant, we found a hostess standing at the door smirking at us. It would seem as if she'd seen our struggle? We let her know about the door and she said it shouldn't be locked. Ok, sure.

She led us to our table where it took a while before we were offered water. When one of my friends asked for a new glass due to the large particles floating in his water, she ROLLED HER EYES, and said it was probably just due to it being hard water [unlikely since nobody else had the same problem], did he still want to change the glass? Yes, yes, he did.

The rest of the meal was, for the most part, uneventful. She did once come to ask us how the food was but also left before we could even finish our sentence. We did not see her again until we asked for our check, having to flag down another waitress to go find her.

Unfortunately, while picture-perfect, the service at Mati made the entire experience very disappointing for me. It is unlikely I will return.