Chinese Dragon BBQ
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Jul 22
Chinese Dragon BBQ is located in the same strip mall as Food Basics along Merivale, next to a noodle shop I'd previously reviewed. They're owned by the same people and often move food between the two shops. Chinese Dragon BBQ is the larger of the two siblings, being able to accommodate not only 4 times the amount of people but also a larger menu, featuring - you guessed it - Chinese (not dragon) BBQ. It also has more traditional Northern Chinese stir-frys and hot pots. Many of the options are spicier than the run-of-the-mill Chinese food (which is more of the Southern Chinese variety) but just as good.

We've been twice now, once for the BBQ and the second time for the stir-frys and hot pot. The BBQ items, which come skewered, were a bit pricey, about $3+ per, and salty. Thus the second time, we focused mainly on the other items.

We bought the Soft-Shelled Crab Fried Rice and a fish hot pot that didn't have an English name associated with it. They were reasonably priced and tasty. However, all of the food we ordered seem to be very greasy. My favourite was the fried rice. The seasoning was perfect with a good amount of "wok-air" but as soon as it cooled down, you could taste (and see) the amount of oil there. Similarly, a thick layer of oil could be found in the hot pot, which isn't terrible when hot but doesn't make you feel great afterwards.

The service is, for the most part, attentive, making sure your water is filled and that you have everything you need. They come to check on you quite often but sometimes, you'll have to put in some effort to flag them down, especially if you're seated in a inconspicuous spot (you choose your own seats if it's not too busy).

If you're looking to experience a different kind of Chinese food, it's worth a shot - we'll probably be back too since they carry dishes that few other restaurants have. It may not be the best idea for your health to go often though...