Foods from Dora-Don


Jul 20
Another "hidden" (?) gem in Ottawa, this one located in a super-cute food truck close to OC Transpo's Tunney's Pasture station. I usually can't make their opening times but recently, I was able to convince my supervisor to trek it out with me for lunch.

Food trucks, in my opinion, have become a bit pretentious and over-hyped, serving up small but overpriced plates of "gourmet" food. So it was a welcome change to experience something different at Dora-don. Service here is laid-back while the portions are large and reasonably priced ($12/box).

I got the week's special, Jajangmyeon, while my supervisor got one of the house (truck?) regulars, Okonomiyaki-don. The Jajangmyeon didn't taste like what I've had Korean restaurants but to be honest, I prefer it this way. It's comforting, in a home-cooked food kind of way. I didn't get a chance to try the Okonomiyaki-don but I'll find a way to get back out there to try it. My supervisor raved about it and said she couldn't stop eating.

The ambience of the place is great too. It's unassuming and humble, blending into the row of homes behind it, but packs a punch in terms of good, hearty food. There are few tables you can sit and eat at but it's a food truck... go eat somewhere else (e.g. your office).

Unfortunately (for me), their hours seem to cater to lunchtime for office workers in the area most, closing on weekends and only opening for a few hours in the evening on Thursdays/Fridays; however, if you can catch them when they're open, I definitely recommend grabbing a box.